What a change weatherwise, it being literally cold toward evening and throughout the night and morning hours, it becomes slightly warmer as the day continues. Whether it being a country which is divided as it was in the former Yugoslovia, with Bosnia and Croatia it was an inevitability to crumble into lasting pieces.Whether one speaks of a community which strives to do what is reasonable, this too will fail if not for the lack of numbers. There are more reasons to count why many families are simply at odds and can’t or won’t come to terms with reality. Forgiveness is not in their vocabulary. So these families go through life with the pain of being self righteous subsequently excluding the following generations to come from the mere pleasure of meeting the family in question or worse yet getting to know and having the pleasure of their company. Needless to say it is painfully for all concern. When children are deprived of family members such as aunts, uncles, cousins or brothers, sisters, mothers or fathers. There  is a genuine loss that can never be replaced.

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