“One On One”

While supposedly finishing the said blog, one had wanted to have posts instead of the categories, so one pressed posts and temporarily lost the said blog. So it happens! Must move on! So now momentarily one will do ones  best to recall the said blog. While viewing birds with outstretched wings soaring through the open sky, a boat gliding through the bay. There is a abundance of warmth with sunshine galore. People should treat others on a one on one basis,regardless of political affiliation, sexual orientation, religious or non religious matters. Just finished “Crimes Against America” by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. It was very informative however somewhat bias.It is sad that in 37 states there are nuclear plants. A sadder still there are oil, gas, beer and coal plants all giving of toxic fumes to the environment. What’s more incredible is that these companies give money to all political campaigns. This is so wrong. There should be a law prohibiting this action. If one should accomplish anything the agenda should be to disregard issues and go after what is more important. Just be diplomatic.

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