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November 20, 2010

After enjoying a brief brisk stroll near the bay, it was somewhat cold as the water seemed rolling along at a quick pace. There were several squirrels scampering about on the ground. One wanted to take a short break and am content for the outcome as one feels better and refreshed. Am really holding off in wearing full winter gear as it seems such a long time for that period to begin. Tradition doesn’t have to refer to the musical “Fiddler On The Roof ” yet in some aspect it does in the fact of the miners, one and the following generations carry on their work. The miracle in Chile was very astounding. These occurrences were first in 1972 then just recently. Is it indigenous to that country or the unadulterated faith? Perhaps both of these pertain. Would it be asking too much to have these brave men not do this type of labor? All the miners worldwide should have the option not risk their lives regardless of the many benefits they will expect for themselves and their families. There is still another disaster taking place momentarily in N.Z. The option is for each and every miner to receive more education scholastically. It is a sad fact that some miners have a college education and feel like it is their duty to carry on their trade. Maybe in some cases it would be an option to show these miners a video as to some of the dangers that befall them if they would go in this line of work. Would it change their minds? Perhaps that is what they alone must decide. And for that matter less miners might choose differently for future generations.

“Betwixt And Between”

November 15, 2010

On this grey cold autumn day the sun is at least making a effort to peek a bit of warmth. It is the spice of life, never a dull moment weatherwise. One is betwixt and between while patiently waiting for new eyeware. It began on Sept. 7th as one went to Lenscrafters to obtain a new pair of frames along with lenses. One paid for the shebang beforehand as specified. Brought along a new prescription from Dr. Shapiro which was slightly stronger in a very minute way. Thought this was the time to take care of this. So being that the lenses were to be sent out which was understandable, one was asked to wait ten days. So the ten days came and went without the product. Then one was asked another ten days. Then the lenses came to the store and the type wasn’t correct. This being that the lenses didn’t go all the way to the frames. Then again one was asked to wait. Would phone weekly periodically as to the status. At this point the representives were getting annoyed as to the holdup, as it was sent to Cinn. Ohio twice then to Knoxville. Then on the 7th of Oct., it was one month. One month turned into two months and yet nothing. Was speaking weekly to a lab technician. He was very frustrated on one’s behalf. One had tried to reassure him to keep plugging away. Then it was sent to another Knoxville lab. In the courses of numerous conversations all was in agreement with the lack of communication those had. Granted they were experts in their fields however the communication wasn’t there in regard their fellow techicians. This was versed among Santos, Brittany and oneself. There was talk of compensation and added compensation as well. One has the notion that the product is vitally more important. Again all were in agreement. Presently, lenscrafters said that the lens are going to the ready on the 16th Nov., and should be delivered by the 18th. They will make a call as to the validity of that either today or tomorrow. The crediability of Lenscafters is still high on ones agenda and will still regard their reputation to others. They individually and collectively do their utmost to satisfy their clientele. They are still recommended highly in ones book.

“A Promise”

November 13, 2010

Here it is another time to be awake after getting some much needed rest earlier. Without having the use of the computer due to one’s tendencies, one actually now has to or wants to play catch up with blogging. This premise is a promise to oneself in the fact that one hasn’t seen my son Andre for an amount of time. So therefore thought it would be an excellent idea to go to Seattle and see him however due to circumstances on his behalf, thought better of it. This was an original plan in case for some reason he wasn’t able to come to Madison to see me, I would go to Seattle. This plan was before the end of the year. However this plan changed. So without feeling disheartened on one’s part, started to revamp one’s room. Actually the intention is to downside it. It is coming together nicely so far. Realise it will take some needed time. Again it will be well worth it. Been reading a fastinating book ” Memoir” by Barbara Walters. Actually it was recommended by one’s friend, Lanie. Glad one took her suggestion. Been strolling as the weather is conducive for that. Been waiting for one’s eyewear so that is another epic in itself. More about that in the future after its been played out.

“At Last”

November 4, 2010

With the day unseasonably comfortable, it is still crisp, fresh and wonderful as the sun is peeking ever so often as it brings warmth,brightness to a cheery atmosphere. Ever so often when the needs arise, one will surf the web in the prospect of just nonchalantly browsing. While in the course of that at last one found a dear friend whom one had known briefly in Alabama. One had received a couple of celabratory cards which one had kept for a period of time, so that one could read them occasionally. Facebook is a network of friends in which one was content finding this particular person. With that one had glance at her wonderful family. Of course her family had grown over the years. Was fortunate to see her older son who is twenty now. Imagine that! Her younger son who has become quite a young man and her beautiful daughter who is now ten years of age. Her husband had befriended oneself as one had sent a recent comment pertaining to their daughter. Just yesterday had a long confidential chat with her. Was satisfied to have chatted with her as our relationship was as ever friends and still at this very point. How comfortable it was! She intended to phone last night. One had thought a moment to phone her however thought better of it as one didn’t want to interrupt her routine. We may leave messages on facebook from time to time so that is great. The connection has always been there and still is, for just about anytime. One thrives on people and certain friendships are invaluable.

“Turning And Tossing”

November 3, 2010

A change of routine certainly does the mind good as one had seen the early returns from the mid election yesterday evening on the computer. Also had the opportunity to hear the internet news talk radio wcbs in New York. It was the first time I had tuned into that. Now it is a little afternoon and one is on her third cup of coffee. Had bought some lorna doones and had finished half a pack for no apparent reason, however if pressed for one: one might say that it had been a long while since one had enjoyed that treat. When chatting with certain relatives they seem to put their own perspective on issues unrelated to themselves instead of thinking of ones own views. Turning and tossing isn’t the fact of not sleeping, it is simply turning states over and over and tossing some out in relation to moving. Where would be the best place to go and be satisfied? There are many options. Afterall one doesn’t want to be moving every five years and never at the drop of a hat. There are two assets to living here. One is one’s optomologist, Dr Michael Shapiro who excells in his line of work. Moreso he is an orthopedic doctors also. Another reason is one’s dentist, Dr Fred Jaeger who is also a heart surgeon. He practices at several hospitals and isn’t available for dental appts., on a daily basis. He too is excellent at his profession. Want to ultimately move to the East Coast closer in distance to relatives. Really miss the Thanksgivings and Christmases in years past as one has never had those occasions in childhood. So one might presume that if one hadn’t had that ever one might never miss that. It just isn’t true at least in this case. Never want to go backwards in where one had lived, meaning Indpls., was never the place and always felt ill at ease there as in Ohio too. Without repeating oneself, Alabama wasn’t a place either although lived there for a lucky seven years. Again felt uncomfortable there too. However for the most part adjusted to the surroundings. Have many relatives on the East Coast and friends as well. Just trying to figure out where a suitable, affordable and safe place to be. Speaking of affordability one has to measure whose standards one in which one is referring, namely their own. A rule of thumb comes to mind regarding this topic. If it comes fast its never worth it, one has to wait a while and then it will be finally worth the wait. That is in everything one does in life

“Getting Down To Brass Tax”

November 1, 2010

As one commenses this topic one recalls the day in which one derived this particular title. It began as an ordinary day as if for any other. When all of a sudden on was taking a daily stroll the wind was unusually strong. There were tree branches scattered about the roadway and the sidewalks as far as the eye could see. There was an unusual sight a tree leaning over slightly imitating the leaning tower of Pisa. The air was very warm and along the way one had to cling on to either a gate or stop and rest for the wind was strongly blowing at such a high degree one was about to topple over without warning. Came back and heard on wls that there was indeed a drastic drop in air pressure. This occurence hadn’t happen in seventy years. This lasted at least thirty six hours. There were very dark storm clouds visable too. While this was occurring one had a very wonderful, endearing and once in a lifetime conversation with one’s brother. Without saying the conversation in its entirety, one will just say the essence of it. There were certain questions about a certain subject that concerned myself and one wanted to know precisely the answers. Was satisfied in getting down to brass tax. Tried to offer one’s assistance in the matter, yet that will come at a later date. However presently am set as ease with this initial dialogue. Perhaps at some future date another encounter will be forthcoming. For now all seems to be on an even keel. Silence is never the answer.