“Getting Down To Brass Tax”

As one commenses this topic one recalls the day in which one derived this particular title. It began as an ordinary day as if for any other. When all of a sudden on was taking a daily stroll the wind was unusually strong. There were tree branches scattered about the roadway and the sidewalks as far as the eye could see. There was an unusual sight a tree leaning over slightly imitating the leaning tower of Pisa. The air was very warm and along the way one had to cling on to either a gate or stop and rest for the wind was strongly blowing at such a high degree one was about to topple over without warning. Came back and heard on wls that there was indeed a drastic drop in air pressure. This occurence hadn’t happen in seventy years. This lasted at least thirty six hours. There were very dark storm clouds visable too. While this was occurring one had a very wonderful, endearing and once in a lifetime conversation with one’s brother. Without saying the conversation in its entirety, one will just say the essence of it. There were certain questions about a certain subject that concerned myself and one wanted to know precisely the answers. Was satisfied in getting down to brass tax. Tried to offer one’s assistance in the matter, yet that will come at a later date. However presently am set as ease with this initial dialogue. Perhaps at some future date another encounter will be forthcoming. For now all seems to be on an even keel. Silence is never the answer.

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