“Turning And Tossing”

A change of routine certainly does the mind good as one had seen the early returns from the mid election yesterday evening on the computer. Also had the opportunity to hear the internet news talk radio wcbs in New York. It was the first time I had tuned into that. Now it is a little afternoon and one is on her third cup of coffee. Had bought some lorna doones and had finished half a pack for no apparent reason, however if pressed for one: one might say that it had been a long while since one had enjoyed that treat. When chatting with certain relatives they seem to put their own perspective on issues unrelated to themselves instead of thinking of ones own views. Turning and tossing isn’t the fact of not sleeping, it is simply turning states over and over and tossing some out in relation to moving. Where would be the best place to go and be satisfied? There are many options. Afterall one doesn’t want to be moving every five years and never at the drop of a hat. There are two assets to living here. One is one’s optomologist, Dr Michael Shapiro who excells in his line of work. Moreso he is an orthopedic doctors also. Another reason is one’s dentist, Dr Fred Jaeger who is also a heart surgeon. He practices at several hospitals and isn’t available for dental appts., on a daily basis. He too is excellent at his profession. Want to ultimately move to the East Coast closer in distance to relatives. Really miss the Thanksgivings and Christmases in years past as one has never had those occasions in childhood. So one might presume that if one hadn’t had that ever one might never miss that. It just isn’t true at least in this case. Never want to go backwards in where one had lived, meaning Indpls., was never the place and always felt ill at ease there as in Ohio too. Without repeating oneself, Alabama wasn’t a place either although lived there for a lucky seven years. Again felt uncomfortable there too. However for the most part adjusted to the surroundings. Have many relatives on the East Coast and friends as well. Just trying to figure out where a suitable, affordable and safe place to be. Speaking of affordability one has to measure whose standards one in which one is referring, namely their own. A rule of thumb comes to mind regarding this topic. If it comes fast its never worth it, one has to wait a while and then it will be finally worth the wait. That is in everything one does in life

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