“At Last”

With the day unseasonably comfortable, it is still crisp, fresh and wonderful as the sun is peeking ever so often as it brings warmth,brightness to a cheery atmosphere. Ever so often when the needs arise, one will surf the web in the prospect of just nonchalantly browsing. While in the course of that at last one found a dear friend whom one had known briefly in Alabama. One had received a couple of celabratory cards which one had kept for a period of time, so that one could read them occasionally. Facebook is a network of friends in which one was content finding this particular person. With that one had glance at her wonderful family. Of course her family had grown over the years. Was fortunate to see her older son who is twenty now. Imagine that! Her younger son who has become quite a young man and her beautiful daughter who is now ten years of age. Her husband had befriended oneself as one had sent a recent comment pertaining to their daughter. Just yesterday had a long confidential chat with her. Was satisfied to have chatted with her as our relationship was as ever friends and still at this very point. How comfortable it was! She intended to phone last night. One had thought a moment to phone her however thought better of it as one didn’t want to interrupt her routine. We may leave messages on facebook from time to time so that is great. The connection has always been there and still is, for just about anytime. One thrives on people and certain friendships are invaluable.

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