After enjoying a brief brisk stroll near the bay, it was somewhat cold as the water seemed rolling along at a quick pace. There were several squirrels scampering about on the ground. One wanted to take a short break and am content for the outcome as one feels better and refreshed. Am really holding off in wearing full winter gear as it seems such a long time for that period to begin. Tradition doesn’t have to refer to the musical “Fiddler On The Roof ” yet in some aspect it does in the fact of the miners, one and the following generations carry on their work. The miracle in Chile was very astounding. These occurrences were first in 1972 then just recently. Is it indigenous to that country or the unadulterated faith? Perhaps both of these pertain. Would it be asking too much to have these brave men not do this type of labor? All the miners worldwide should have the option not risk their lives regardless of the many benefits they will expect for themselves and their families. There is still another disaster taking place momentarily in N.Z. The option is for each and every miner to receive more education scholastically. It is a sad fact that some miners have a college education and feel like it is their duty to carry on their trade. Maybe in some cases it would be an option to show these miners a video as to some of the dangers that befall them if they would go in this line of work. Would it change their minds? Perhaps that is what they alone must decide. And for that matter less miners might choose differently for future generations.

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