As the windows are caked with frost in the morning air: they are still shadows  that glisten presently with occasional water vapors that trickle down the edges from the top downward. These occurrences have been forthcoming each morning since the drastic fall in temperatures. It has surely been bleak and cold for the past few days. Still one has been waiting for Lenscrafters to phone. On the 7th it will be 3 months. One had chatted in a previous blog about the intricacies. In the meantime one has concentrated on other things. Among them, going to Half Price Books and Music and selling some cassettes of music and replacing them with discs. Had finished “Audition” by Barbara Walters which was well worth the time and then started another book ” The Brave” by Nicholas Evans. Surely this will be very grand as Evans is a favored writer. There were a couple of books in which one had wanted. The first ” Homicide” by David Simon, the second ” The life that inspired my left foot. Each of them were backordered at Borders. So one had to cancel them both. Got a gift card for the specified amount. Checked with Barnes and Noble and they didn’t carry it either. Then went to H.P. and purchase the first one mentioned for a very reasonable price. With the gift card posted a gift in which one had purchased in August at Borders. It was on sale. It was for Ian and family. Then went to Borders East and posted some other gifts for one’s sisters Vivian and Anne and one’s neices Jenny and Dara. Been wanting to revamp one’s room. So gave away the bookcase and have the books in cases. Gave away a dresser and have the clothes in cloth bags. It really save space and is convenient. Will give away a sofa and loveseat and sleep on an air mattress already purchased. Have decided to keep the table b/c can’t find a suitable one to handle all the technology. Must call the same movers, so they will have to take both doors off their hinges and replaced them in order to obtain the both items from the room. Am giving them again to St. Vincent DePaul Society. Want to purchase a rug and a microware yet haven’t found any yet. Time will tell. Sporadically been going for needed exercise also. Been viewing an occasional movie. Purchase and viewed one last evening. ” You Don’t Know Jack” with Al Pacino. The movie was fine and the acting was superb. Also been keeping up with friends/relatives on the net and by phone. Just recently had a very pleasant conversation with Shon, once by im on facebook and then by phone. How wonderfully blessed one is in various ways. Certain people are the key. One must always be in control.

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