As a bountiful snowfall, with bone chilling temps have come upon the horison, it had lasted three entire days and seemed a lifetime. Presently the snow still lingers. It is just a week till the glorious day of Christmas as people say cheers to each other, whether the celebrations are of Eve, the Moslum holiday or the Jewish holiday, or other types. They in their own way are very festive. However if for some reason, someone is far from home which in the case of the young American who has been held hostage in Afghanistan for a total of eighteen months. There was a recent video of him on the net explaining of his plight, of the genuine love for his family, for his country and his plea for his release from captivity. There was a photo and an article of an elderly,spry couple taken in N.Z. This couple were held hostage for the duration of two years. They were held on a ship as their captives were pirates. With their release, several questions came to mind: was there a ransom involved as there was in the story of the unfortunate bomber who was later released for medical reasons and later of his demise resulting from his lengthy illness?! The UK admitted to paying the ransom. Along the same line of thinking, why do some countries resort to paying ransons and others don’t even consider it? Namely England did, which for obvious reasons was either correct or incorrect. And the US not considering¬†it. One must take into account the grey areas. What is the stake in a life?

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