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“Case Files”

January 29, 2011

Again the ever present snow is visible, although for some unknown reason, it isn’t quite as cold as it was previously. However just as one voices that then it seems to turn in the opposite direction. So for now let’s keep that a secret. Okay! Yesterday morning one finally had the computer looked at for several reasons. Now one is content in the fact that one can see videos of any kind now including news. Doesn’t it seem that when one is without something they are longing for it and wondering what one will do with the new found treasure although had it before and missed it. Now having it at ones disposal now seems great and won’t take anything else for granted. However in some respect that is human nature. Also had a picture of the three amigos scanned and put in the pictures along with another one and sent the first one to a friend of Andre. Sent a post to him on facebook yet he hasn’t responded to it yet. However he will eventually. It just took a long while to do that. Then had somethings updated too. Rick Jacobs is a wonder on the computer. Thanks Rick. Then one had a Ruben value meal that included mozzarella sticks, a four piece and of course a Jamocha shake. Sorry for getting off track here b/c this is not a reflection to the title. Now let’s capture it. Been reading “A Shadow On Summer” And yes it is all over the place as one critic describes. However ok in parts. Its a good book and worth the time, especially if one likes a sense of discription or if one is learning English as a second language. Then one will read another book” Wild Grows The Lilies”, both by Christy Brown. After reading the book “My Left Foot”, this book was a captivation of things that weren’t in the movie. This is for obvious reasons. Namely, the way Christy Brown was carried up the stairs by his Mom and Dad. This never occurred. The producer just put it in for some reason. That was okay. Now let’s focus on when Mary, Christy Brown’s wife which will again be the reason of this title’s blog. Okay one is slowly getting to the jest of the matter. First she was a lesbian. Went to overnight juants alone to London and left Christy Brown to fend for himself as he had several neighbours and friends stay with him while Mary was away. Christy was unable to take himself to the bathroom (the liu) the toilet and had to have his penis held each time he had to urinate and pointed in the right direction. This of course wasn’t told in the film. Then when Christy Brown wanted to consume a morsel of food one had to cut it up in very minute pieces so he wouldn’t choke  during a time when shallowing during a convulsions. A person had to ease the food down his throat on more than one occasion. Now at to the heart of the matter. Mary said she just turned her back for a second and Christy Brown choked to death. Now was Mary telling the whole truth, not according to the Brown family as Ann the surviving sister of Christy had recollected the statement. Ann took sole care of Christy for many years and knew much more and cared so much more than anyone else besides Christy own mother. Mary never had these feelings for Christy as she excluded his own family from Christy for years, and she and Christy bought a house far away from the Brown family. Ann accused Mary of manslaughter. Now was that ever proven? Was Mary ever arrested much less convicted? Did the surviving Brown family ever know of the allegations brought by anyone? Did any reporter from the bbc or the irishpress ever had the notion to look further into it? This could be said in the same context of Kurt Cobain. Was his demise ever fully brought to light?Did C. Love ever have anything at all to do with Cobain’s death? Again did any American reporter have the gumption to view any of the details? Life was taken to soon for these two most talented human beings. Granted to say in both cases these individuals didn’t take good care of themselves. However, that isn’t a reason to have them leave the earth at such a prime time, for if one had looked into the future their accomplishments were just getting underway and had just begun.

“A Release”

January 25, 2011

As the winter persists and endless snow is forever here, one thinks back to another time about less than twenty years ago. It was a time of change and circumstances were most stressful. To release this feeling one thought of a positive way to combat it and this process work each time. With ones limited knowledge of French, which one had taken in high school for a couple of years, then corresponded with a friend in both French and Italian: thought one could put it to use. So one obtain a sheet of paper and began to write in french about the feelings then and there. At first one had written only a few words and with a strong effort on the feeling rather than the words, the words began to cascade freely openly with wonder. The stronger one felt the faster the words came. Then before one knew it, the page was filled on both sides. It is just amasing. Then one just knew the present, past and future tenses of verbs, not the subjuctive or conditional. So with the nouns one had known, it was easy to make oneself clear in content. At that time one knew at least nearly three thousand words this including the parts of speech.  One would script ones feelings on this paper and soon before long it became a tablet of pages. One would only script when one was stressed at the time never when one wasn’t. It was the beginning of a learning process. Then at another time when attempting to learn Italian, one would sing a song by Harry Chavin and translate the adaptation into Italian. It really wasn’t much but again a learning process of self achievement and self improvement. Inwardly always admired persons who had the savoir faire to know another language by speaking it. However, ones pronunciation wasn’t in that venue. One could only read and write it. Maybe that is something! By any shape or form it isn’t adeptness. Only adequate in comparison.

“A Fantasy”

January 24, 2011

With bonechilling temps and windchills at a record low that is unbelievably cold, one seems like one is in the freezer even as one is dressing in layers. It is that cold. As one is constantly holding ones head above water financially on a daily basis, one is dreaming of a fantasy too at the same time. It is just picking up and leaving, packing up ones bags a taking a flight to New York City. Yes that is correct, New York City. That place is so near and so far. And of course it will be still winter but what an exciting exhilarating place that is! One had run out of printer paper and will use the last of the printer ink to print a picture and send it to a friend of my son’s. One had said that a while ago and just got around to that. It will be done this week when one gets the computer looked at for other important things. So one thought of handwriting some important emails instead of printing them. Just so one had been doing that one had gotten six in a row. Wouldn’t you know that! Thought one wouldn’t get that many when one decided to not purchase any more ink for the moment to save the expense. It is $40.00 a shot $20.00 each which is worth every penny, but not for now. Been reading a book ” The Life That Inspired My Left Foot” very good and recommended highly. Then been watching movies on dvd. Got a group of selected music so trying to get through this winter. Making the best of it. Hopefully one day one will go back to NYC and spend a simply glorious time there. Just the thought of again seeing the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels are just thrilling to even mention. As well as the other sights too, to again look up and just see a thin strip of sky is too thrilling. To simply watch the people and hear the different types of languages are great. One would think sometime in the future.

“Lost In The Shuffle”

January 15, 2011

With a new coating of everlasting snow on the ground as nightfall becomes a reality one is welcomed with slightly warmer temps or maybe the true fact is that one is dressed in layers against the chill of the new coming day. It becomes evident that children are lost in the shuffle as it is apparent in the case of Madeline McCann that is still been missing for quite a long time for at least going on four years. The parents carry on their daily activities, with two younger children to care for with the prospect of some day in the near future that this precious little one will be found. There are many more families anguished in the same predictment not knowing what has happened to their children. This is happening daily in some of the major cities where people regardless of age for whatever the circumstances just disappear. Just as law enforcements try their utmost to do what is necessary, they too are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of cases presented. Sometimes it is the fact that it is beyond their control. Yet too, some law enforcement officials are better trained and better equipped than others to deal with the problem. Some too are part of the problem,as they give up to readily, yet others find a solution with mere diligence in staying on top of it. Sometimes saddened to say that certain family members will couver up the situation by telling the authorities just part and not the whole story so therefore it will make the search much more difficult. Hopefully one day the community may work with the school, all religious organisations together will find a common goal.


January 5, 2011

In life there are windows sometimes cleared, smudged, darkened, streaked of color, brighten with sunlight which takes a meriad of paths like a rollercoaster. One has to choose which of these windows to view the world in their own unique way. One has to choose alone without any advice from others. In a particular way one has to take the leap of fate, to have the courage and sometimes the inner intuition or sixth sense. This has a primary factor for everything one does, from the smallest to the largest. One should research beforehand before doings things for that is the logical way to operate. There isn’t a place in the world which is perfect. It may appear that way from the view in which people see it however they aren’t looking at the whole picture. In life too, one should take chances to grow in stature. Just finished the book today, Homicide, the year of the killing streets, by David Simon. What a marvelous inspiring book. Teaches one many things and gives a new appreciation. Presently am negotiating with one’s neice Dara a ticket to Seattle for this month. We have been chatting about it in a very serious vane since Christmas Eve. Just now she phone this evening to tell me of the details of it before she books it and of course one will post a check in the mail immediately upon fruition. Andre phoned too late this evening while one was at Perkins Restaurant so one phone him and left a message. Had gone to Barnes and Noble and while picking up my new glasses ordered a few books and a movie dvd. That is on a personal note. Looking for a new place of one’s own and each time one is inquiring about studio apartments. Still want to keep one’s dentist and one’s optomologist. That seem essential to one’s health and well being.