In life there are windows sometimes cleared, smudged, darkened, streaked of color, brighten with sunlight which takes a meriad of paths like a rollercoaster. One has to choose which of these windows to view the world in their own unique way. One has to choose alone without any advice from others. In a particular way one has to take the leap of fate, to have the courage and sometimes the inner intuition or sixth sense. This has a primary factor for everything one does, from the smallest to the largest. One should research beforehand before doings things for that is the logical way to operate. There isn’t a place in the world which is perfect. It may appear that way from the view in which people see it however they aren’t looking at the whole picture. In life too, one should take chances to grow in stature. Just finished the book today, Homicide, the year of the killing streets, by David Simon. What a marvelous inspiring book. Teaches one many things and gives a new appreciation. Presently am negotiating with one’s neice Dara a ticket to Seattle for this month. We have been chatting about it in a very serious vane since Christmas Eve. Just now she phone this evening to tell me of the details of it before she books it and of course one will post a check in the mail immediately upon fruition. Andre phoned too late this evening while one was at Perkins Restaurant so one phone him and left a message. Had gone to Barnes and Noble and while picking up my new glasses ordered a few books and a movie dvd. That is on a personal note. Looking for a new place of one’s own and each time one is inquiring about studio apartments. Still want to keep one’s dentist and one’s optomologist. That seem essential to one’s health and well being.

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