“A Fantasy”

With bonechilling temps and windchills at a record low that is unbelievably cold, one seems like one is in the freezer even as one is dressing in layers. It is that cold. As one is constantly holding ones head above water financially on a daily basis, one is dreaming of a fantasy too at the same time. It is just picking up and leaving, packing up ones bags a taking a flight to New York City. Yes that is correct, New York City. That place is so near and so far. And of course it will be still winter but what an exciting exhilarating place that is! One had run out of printer paper and will use the last of the printer ink to print a picture and send it to a friend of my son’s. One had said that a while ago and just got around to that. It will be done this week when one gets the computer looked at for other important things. So one thought of handwriting some important emails instead of printing them. Just so one had been doing that one had gotten six in a row. Wouldn’t you know that! Thought one wouldn’t get that many when one decided to not purchase any more ink for the moment to save the expense. It is $40.00 a shot $20.00 each which is worth every penny, but not for now. Been reading a book ” The Life That Inspired My Left Foot” very good and recommended highly. Then been watching movies on dvd. Got a group of selected music so trying to get through this winter. Making the best of it. Hopefully one day one will go back to NYC and spend a simply glorious time there. Just the thought of again seeing the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels are just thrilling to even mention. As well as the other sights too, to again look up and just see a thin strip of sky is too thrilling. To simply watch the people and hear the different types of languages are great. One would think sometime in the future.

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