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February 20, 2011

There is another storm on the horison and it seems that the winter is an endless ball of wax. Ranging from heaping amounts of snow, ice and a combination of both. This time around will be here with a foot of snow, a variety of ice pelets depending on location. This round of misery strenches a thousand miles. It is be a hazardous time and needless to say it is affecting  the feelings of oneself. This time it will be a much heavier snow than previously and has one stated in a email to one’s neice, there will be absolutely no shoveling on my part. Just let someone else do that. Was wondering about my son, Ian and read on his blog that he had to go to India for some meetings. He left on the 14 February 2011, St Valentine’s Day. I had a dentist appt. on that day which went fine and on the following day had an eye doctor appt. which was very encouraging. Michelle, my daughter-in law stated on the blog that she had to dilouse the children hair which took a considerable amount of time. This is the first time that lice had come forth in 15 years. Ian was sick with the flu from Monday- Thursday and Michelle came down with the same ailment  the rest of the week. Had been concerned for Ian as Michelle had mentioned that Ian hadn’t a change of clothing  they were away from one another and that Ian was unhappy. So it was natural when one had read it to be concerned. Again one is doubly concerned for Andre as for the length of time one hasn’t seen him, only once in now 7 years, that being in 2004. He is always on one’s mind. I hear from him occasionally. I really don’t want to bother him with needless chatter. I leave him messages on his mobile phone when I have something useful to say. This is the second time one has blogged and rightfully so. Wish I would obtain another mate, and be married again. Those were very joyful times. Just for the fact one could share ones inner most thoughts. That would be fantastic! A saying goes, be careful for what you wish. Ones answer to that is it would be terrific. Perhaps one day!

“Safety In Numbers”

February 4, 2011

The blizzard of 2011 is now and forever a memory for the history books. The record snowfall varies from one’s perspective although it was 20 inches. The winds were like mountains of gusts in some places as strong as 60 miles an hour and the drifts were as high a 3 feet. This was depending on one’s locality. Madison, Wisconsin wasn’t alone there were 17 states in the same boat that varied from snow to ice to tornados. A rule of thumb is safety in numbers as one read the recent article in Seattle of the strangulation of a female guard by a male convict in a chapel in the prison. The convict used a microphone cord. If police go into dangerous areas knowing that their life is on the brink, they will call for backup. There should be at least 2 officers in police cars at at times. If the officers are walking a beat there should be at least 2 of them. Then the question is manpower that the cities are unable to afford the money to put this together. The same as in all prisons, there should be at least 2 guards at all times to watch prisoners regardless of where in the country it is. There should be a rule to start now. Let’s cut to the chase and have this done. Isn’t it worth a life?