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“In The Meanwhile”

March 22, 2011

As the day awakens to rain, cold, cloudiness, it is typically in the timeframe for the upper midwest although it is the second day of spring. Rain and lots of it but cold and cold mix with snow is another issue altogether. Now continuing with yesterday’s saga, in the meanwhile one read two outstanding books. “Artemesis” by Alexandra La Pierre, the daughter of Dominque La Pierre. What a wonderful piece of literature from beginning to end! It was translated by Liz Heron. It is set in the 17th century filled with suspense, intrigue and eye opening reality. Now one is reading ” The Corner” another book by David Simon and Edward Burns. Another sensational masterpiece. Being offline for a month wasn’t bad at all. Could keep up with each days news unfolding at a rapid pace. Could also listen to ones favourite music from broadway tunes which was convenient at that particular time. Put up ones two folding tables and put all the technological equipment so all Rick had to do was connect all of it. And all of a sudden the first table tilted downward and everything all at once fell to the rug. Fortunately the moniter fell on the side and not a piece of glass was shattered. One calmly brought everything to the surface and placed both the computer and moniter on chairs after placing all the electronical equipment on the rug. Now one has the radio and phone etc., on two chairs which works out nicely. Then when Rick came to connect everything, one said honestly what had occurred. Fortunately everything in that department was fine. We both thought to put the moniter on a case of books, put the printer on another case while placing only the computer, the two speakers, and a few lighter items. Have one’s turntable which is very light and isn’t connected yet to the computer is now on the other case. Then on Sunday evening a neighbour came and inflated the airmattress. One had already connected the vhs/dvd player, and he connected the tv too. So that night one watched ” The Illustionist” with Edward Norton, last night one saw American History X and tonight will see “Stone”. All great movies, each in their own way. Also one’s microware is on and enjoying that tremendously. One’s floor lamp has yet to be assembled. Thought it would suffice to go inbetween the two tables and be connected to the one of the power surges which won’t interfere with the running of the computer. So one was on schedule had everything accomplished in a month’s time.


March 21, 2011

With the endless horrendous bouts of weather related conditions in the first couple of months this year, one was just shoveling snow,  scraping ice just to get some sort of exercise. Not much fun! So went in gear and went to goodwill and purchased a couple of rugs, and looked at a table there while picking up some winter scarves. Then went to walmart and purchased some nice matching winter hats, and more scarves. Was satisfied then in the thought of planning to revamp ones living quarters entirely. Then on another mission at walmart purchased a airmattress, floor lamp and a microware; which is a hamilton beach and was on the truck outside the store left over from black friday. Then at another shopping excursion to shopco one purchased a folding table and another smaller folding table being that goodwill hadn’t the table originally viewed previously, obtained the larger one at walmart and the smaller one at shopco. Then with that accomplished one was racing against time. On the 20th of February one pulled the electricity from the computer. This was fine with oneself being that one could listen to wls radio,  read a couple of fabulous books, and listen to some music. More about this later. This of course is a condensed version for the readers interest.


March 18, 2011

It just must be warmer outdoors because it is chilly in here. Just an observation! The snow has just about disappeared yet the white cold stuff is still on the ground which is so unbecoming being that it is the middle of March now. Again another view! One is entitled wouldn’t you say. Generalising  is so very wrong. Grouping people together shows ignorance. And of course that goes with religions too. Why is it that human beings connect religion with people. In the first place, a person’s belief or lack of should be a private matter between themselves. Human beings should respect others regardless: and treat others as they would like to be treated. It is much easier to chat with others if one would just see themselves face to face. People would be more apt to carry on with other individuals. That goes for nations as well. Needless to say, not everyone shares this option however b/c they haven’t read it yet, or cared to understand the possibilities where it will lead. Just give it a try! That’s all one asks, and if it works, beautiful!


March 17, 2011

It is finally getting warmer somewhat at least for here. Still there is everloving snow still on the surface of the ground and it is March. Can one imagine that! The states of the cities are broke. There are borrowing revenue left and right to no avail and making things worse in the process yet there isn’t a choice. Cities such as Detroit, NYC are both on the brink. States such as California, Illinois are both completely saturated with no way to go. The former Gouverner has eliminated  services from the programe to attempt to make it easier and has had some success in that vain. Wisconsin has elected a new Gouvenor who is very progressive and sees events in an eye opening way. He has had much opposition from the unions. The unions want to take your hard working tax paying money and use it for their benefit namely nothing positive. The students here in Madison had camped out for weeks on end slept on the university steps claiming that they had a right to do that. In one’s view the students all the them should have been arrested for loitering on public property. Granted a handful of student were arrested for disorderly conduct. And yet all should have been. They themselves don’t pay taxes and in most cases live under their parents roof, whether instate or out. Their parents claim them on their returns as deductions each year. The people protested against the governours actions simply because the people were for collective bargaining which is another way for the unions to steal more money from the hard working tax payers. Many of the Democrat legisturers went to neighbouring states to avoid voting on the socalled measure. How cowardly was that! Governour Scott Walker called a special session and was successful in voting against the unions. So in the long run he won and the people won as well whether the people were aware of it at the particular time. Governour Walker had the courage to stand up and be counted in this state and therefore avoided a pitfall. He surely came up on top in this round.