It is finally getting warmer somewhat at least for here. Still there is everloving snow still on the surface of the ground and it is March. Can one imagine that! The states of the cities are broke. There are borrowing revenue left and right to no avail and making things worse in the process yet there isn’t a choice. Cities such as Detroit, NYC are both on the brink. States such as California, Illinois are both completely saturated with no way to go. The former Gouverner has eliminated  services from the programe to attempt to make it easier and has had some success in that vain. Wisconsin has elected a new Gouvenor who is very progressive and sees events in an eye opening way. He has had much opposition from the unions. The unions want to take your hard working tax paying money and use it for their benefit namely nothing positive. The students here in Madison had camped out for weeks on end slept on the university steps claiming that they had a right to do that. In one’s view the students all the them should have been arrested for loitering on public property. Granted a handful of student were arrested for disorderly conduct. And yet all should have been. They themselves don’t pay taxes and in most cases live under their parents roof, whether instate or out. Their parents claim them on their returns as deductions each year. The people protested against the governours actions simply because the people were for collective bargaining which is another way for the unions to steal more money from the hard working tax payers. Many of the Democrat legisturers went to neighbouring states to avoid voting on the socalled measure. How cowardly was that! Governour Scott Walker called a special session and was successful in voting against the unions. So in the long run he won and the people won as well whether the people were aware of it at the particular time. Governour Walker had the courage to stand up and be counted in this state and therefore avoided a pitfall. He surely came up on top in this round.

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