“Finishing Touches”

The first day of this new month, it is still wintery. Still in layers, with winter coat, hat, scarf and shoes attire. The nor-easter in the eastern part of N.Y and N.E. woke up to see a foot of fresh fallen snow. Still it would be wonderful to be in that part of the country rather than here despite that. The finishing touches aren’t the frills of danty colourful decorations in one’s living quarters. To one’s amasement one figured out how to inflate one’s airmattress. Have slept comfortably for now three nights in a row. Now one must be advised how to assemble a floor lamp and obtain a glass figure to a small touch lamp bought previously. So perhaps one will persuade a neighbour or a friend to do that for it seems to be very difficult. Been reading the book” The Corner” and nearly finishing it. What an eye opening details of inner city life in graffic form. Awaken to a cloudy day. Haven’t been online in a couple of days and checked emails and found my neice Christal is finally on facebook. How wonderful to see that! Now one may have more contact with her as she may have more with the rest of the family. This now will conclude momentarily.


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