Another seemingly winter day without frigid temps, however had some snow mixed with rain yesterday. It was rather ok walking hearing to crunching underfoot and seeing the waves to water while numerous cars were passing. This is the first time in a long time where one has scanned all the news sites on the computer. It felt good. For a long time one would just see the emails quickly and of course take a look at facebook and then turn off the computer. Now today it feels good to blog. Today one got an email from Kyle Kramer and he had posted a picture of the three amigos including my son Andre. Have been out of the house for long periods of time, spending time at Carol’s work. Sitting in the community room reading while she is caring for a person. Been reading ” Race” by Studs Terkel. It is most informative. Have ordered a couple of books and three movies from barnes and noble. They should be coming soon. Just to say that one has spent most days away from the house either going to the nearby coffee shop, half price, borders, barnes and noble and going with one’s friend Carol. This had been happening and will be occurring most days. Have made an application to another apartment in the area. It will take three months. Been put on a waiting list. Three months seem like a great deal of time however just have to deal with that.Will just make the best of it. A while ago one has bought some demins at goodwill at a reasonable price, a total of six pairs. Was looking at the make and material and got them in the size of ten so therefore have been wearing a belt and they all look becoming and are comfortable. Been watching the final season of ” The Guardian” What a great series! Purchased too, ” Homicide Life On The Street” season one and two. Got them both at a bargain price. Just trying to give an explanation to one’s friends and relatives that one is a bystander in a situation. That is all one can say that is relevant without giving the sordid details. Only thought it would be fair to the persons who cared.

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