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“Finally Fine”

May 31, 2011

With the final day of the wonderful month of May, one is finally fine in the fact that one has found an apt which is affordable and most of all having ones own space/place is most essential to ones way of thinking. The neighbours in the previous neighbourhood were most supportive and very helpful. Although one wouldn’t think to interrupt their routine just to benefit oneself however these people would intervene if necessary: one was quite sure that they would do that. One had eyed this particular apt two years prior to moving. Knew that it was closer to Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Jaeger. They being ones eye doctor and dentist. It just took time for it to occur. May has been such a great month. On Friday the 13th one had gotten the spare eye glasses from lenscrafters, which certainly proves that luck of a residue of design. Then on the following friday one had an appointment with the manager of  the Country Meadows apt at 8:00 in the morning. This after going to bed at 12:30 am. Saw this apt and another which were both a studio and the other being reversed. Decided on this one and put $100 down to reserve it. Then the manager wanted proof of social security. Went to the bank and they said to call the customercare line and both of them wouldn’t fax the info which was understandable. So went to kinkos and fax a bank statement which one had to go to the house into ones room to obtain it. Got a message that the manager had received it and then got the approval of it. When she said ” that one was approved” one was overwhelmed with happiness. This is ones first studio apt which surely fits ones needs. There is a grocery store around the corner and a mall about four blocks away. There is a swimming pool and a tennis court too. Things are 1000% better in all ways for oneself.

“Comes In Threes”

May 18, 2011

It is the wonderful month of May. What a glorious time, with birthdays, anniversaries galore. Luck is a residue of design. Here is an example of the statement. On the 13th of this month one finally received a pair of spare glasses from Santo and Brittany at Lenscrafters. Santo being a lab tech, and Brittany being the gracious customer rep. Then two authors, Jimmy Breslin and Pete Hamill came out with their latest books. One has purchased them both. Have already read” Branch Rickey” by Jimmy Breslin. What a fabulous well researched book. J.Breslin hasn’t lost his flair for writing and it is his typical style. Am reading “Tabloid City by Pete Hamill now. He too is great in a literary sense. Then came one’s 69th birthday on  the 15th. What a great birthday. Received a bouquet of flowers, rose coloured tulips together with some purple flowers, don’t know the name and a small box of chocolates. Offered a piece to Carol and took one for oneself then offered some to Santo and Brittany and then had the remaining three while sitting at the food court while drinking a cup of coffee. Received a great many birthday greetings and a phone call from Andre. Had a most pleasant conversation with him. He mentioned that he will be moved into a place by July so one may come to visit him and stay there as he will have accomodations for him and myself. Also he still has my address and he intends to write a letter and send some pictures. Will be surely looking forward to that. So of course that was gratifying news and that is in the back of one’s mind. Then been looking seriously for an apartment. One’s own space/place. Pick up the weekly/local paper the Isthmus and apartment guide. Jotted down some numbers and phoned some last evening. Knowing it was after hours left messages. Then this morning a couple of places returned the calls. One has a two appointments on Friday. One is the morning and one in the afternoon. The one in the morning appears to be more promising. Also last month on the eleventh got one’s name on a waiting list. Found out it would took from three months to nine month to three years. Much to long to wait and besides it would have been hud housing. Really wasn’t at all thrilled about that prospect. However have been on the lookout for something for a year and came across this particular one the beginning of this year and hadn’t inquired about it. So one might surmise there is a time for everything.