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June 30, 2011

With the holiday weekend just upon us, the weather is well underway with seasonal temps, ready for swimming to cool off a slight in the summer sunshine. At the beginning of the week, one went over to the office and wanted a cup of coffee and of course some cookies as is provided for all the residents/tenents at Country Meadows. Felt like a bull in a china shop. While putting some cream in one’s coffee the styroform cup spilled and one simply grabbed some napkins and began to clean up the mess. Then Kathy who had a cloth came over and finish the job. She and others are very professional which is a very good trait while working with the public. Thought to oneself to avoid having some c/c again then one wouldn’t make the same error twice. This apt complex is quite large and stretches an entire block and in fact it crosses Gammon Rd too. It is very compact and easy to navigate while there are rolling hills the directions are easy. Some of the cab drivers seem confused though.¬†Decided to go for a longer walk and was venturing out for more excerise mainly. Nearly got to the end of the road and turned around and headed back. It was quite warm that day. However at another time will go walking at one’s own pace. Still enjoying the comforts of my apt. Now one calls it home.

“Definitely Wrong”

June 21, 2011

With the sun shining temporarily on the earth with several birds chirping with their little birdie sounds, turning upside down to obtain food that neighbours have generously offered: it seems like pure amusement. However not a soul will be laughing today when the Wisconsin legislature comes up to vote on the bill, conseal and carry. While viewing the websites came across this article. This will take place in Madison. One had to naturally make ones presence known and did so by commenting this is definitely wrong. What is this the Wild West. Chicago has passed the law. Look at all the gang/violence there. It is so backward to pass the same law here. Of course there will be signs posted as to where this can occur, and so they say. However once the law is passed the yahoos, hillbilies can go anywhere they prefer and carry out their stupidity. It could be in a crowded bar and there are plenty of them here. Let’s clarify, one isn’t against bars per-se. Maybe it could be in a crowded Mall, or on the street, in a park where people have come to enjoy a summer concert, or in a grocery store, or even in a place of worship. There could be a misinterpret word or phase and things could escalate to a point of no return. The gun dealers will now have a field day and make the excuse for now purchasing more guns that there already are in the state. Wisconsin is known for hunting as a sport. Has anyone heard and paid some attention to the lyrics of a song called ” Countdown to Extinction” by Megadeth. Most people who are faced with defending themselves at a moment of sheer terror their emotions take over, regardless of their gender, their prior experience and they stand there and just literally are immobilised. Take for instance an elderly lady who thinks she can defend herself and she will purchase and therefore carry a miniature gun/pistol in her purse. At the moment of impact, she will forget where it is, can’t reach for it, and again be uncertain. People voice their statements as to comment that they are certain without a shadow of a doubt that they can defend themselves and yet when the tire meets the road, just the opposite happens. Learning and taking a class of self defense could boost ones morale yet it can never be full proof.


June 18, 2011

With numerous thunderstorms on the way for the upcoming week, life carries on at a normal pace. Why does the media focus more on events that occur prior to an ultimate act of devastation? Namely the 1998 bombing of the World Trade Building that blew out the basement, the parking lot, and one would presume a couple of floors above that, if one isn’t mistaken. There has to be a deep seeded resentment as to perform such a dastardly act let alone the act that had followed just a few years later. One would ponder that the government could have paid more attention to that particular act as if only as a prevention to the act that happened on 9/11/2001. Who knows if that would have occurred? The lasted victim died only a few days ago as a result of breathing fumes on that day. He had lived only 10 years later.¬†A very occupied week is forthcoming as one has a dentist appt on Tuesday, which is necessary and annoying. Then on Wednesday have to go to the dmv to renew ones state id. Anytime one is dealing with the government: either, city, county or fed., they make it so difficult as not giving the right info., having to deal with automated services that misguide you in the opposite direction, not giving you the correct phone numbers and if so being cagey. Then on Thursday have to again go to the grocery. It is nice that it only around the corner though one will again travel by means of green cab as one has quite a lot to purchase this time. Will be getting ready for Ian’s and family visit too next month. Still liking and enjoy the peace of mind regarding ones habitation. One must continue to be highly organised too.


June 14, 2011

There has been a string of cloudy days with rain, thunderstorms unlike the month of June however considering this is still Spring it is natural. However a peek at the sun is nice once in a while as it is doing presently. Liking my apartment, feeling as if one is on an extended vacation! Conversations, events, thoughts can in their own separate ways be convoluted. Been thinking of this title for weeks. Surprisingly haven’t been reading. Been carrying on with a calmer routine, pressing on with continuing connections with friends/family. Can’t express it enough that things are 1000% better. Normality at last!