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“Rightly Served”

July 31, 2011

Another hot day is underway, one can feel the heat rising as it is only in the morning hours. Summer indeed! Still been keeping up with news events as well as sports too especially the Stanley Cup Playoffs that are posted on the net. How exciting is that!  While scanning the news came across a video that was posted in Arizona, namely Phoenix. It was again the run of the mill type that could and should have been preventable: ultimately stopped in the everloving tracks. However it again wasn’t as a result the person in question paid the extreme price for the senseless act of others. Their community looked the other way and said to themselves” its none of my concern” They inturn didn’t act to assist in any way bring aid to this child. There was an act of abuse done repeatedly throughout her young life. This act was committed by four lowlifes who were relatives or at least knew this child. There should be a law passed momentarily with no questions asked that states if an act is commited against a child or a person that concerns abuse the criminal should be subject to life without parole and if the act results in the death of any individual which had contributed to any form of abuse, that includes bullying, the criminal should be subject to the death penalty. That would be rightly served.

“Not Three But Four”

July 22, 2011

With the mere sizzling temps and unbelievable heat index of record high one has managed to use common sense and just go outdoors as little as possible, simply using two fans: one a small and one a ceiling which allows enough comfortability which are continually running. Not three but four thank yous are in order. Starting with Borders, which are in liquidation and are sadly closing 650 stores and putting 11,000 employees out of a job. However on the upside 30 stores will remain open as booksamillion will take over the leases and assets. So that in a small way is promising. Fortunately these employees have other jobs and are for the most part are overqualified as one has mentioned in a previous blog when the westside store closed in April. Now the eastside one is closing. One had written some comments earlier on the borders website. Now let’s thank David Papandreas for his recent book. One really recommends this one wholeheartedly. It gives many added info on the different types of food one should have to stay healthy. For instance did you know the ginger is used by cancer patients to bring down the blood pressure? Garlic may be an added ingredient to do the same thing. This is very good info to keep in mind. The author put a good deal of thought and did the same amount of research on it. One understands he is in the process of writing a follow up on it. Now for the third, goes to Brittany at Lenscrafters on the eastside. She is very friendly, most congential and professional in her work as a costomer representive. Not last but not lease goes to Santo as a lens technician whose patience, expertise, and dedication is phenomenal. All the best to them.


July 9, 2011

This is the third day in a row that the heat is again rising, momentarily it is seventy five degrees and its only nine twenty two this morning. One could never take the heat, or for that matter any types of extremes. Didn’t have the fans on during the night for one was comfortable without them. However woke at six to a phone call from Andre and had a very pleasant conversation with him. Then proceeded to have breakfast after turning on the two fans full blast. Momentarily one feels fine. Each day one has a constructive time in doing something beneficial. Knowing that Ian and his family are coming here on the thirteenth of this month, gradually have been geering up in preparation for that. One has been maintaining one’s apartment regardless yet at the same time getting ready for it. They will be here for the day and are coming at lunchtime. So as the days grow shorter one has been putting the finishing touches on the place as one wants it to look presentable for them as well as for oneself. One might say that it is a sense of pride on ones part and at the same time want to make a decent impression. They are particular especially Michelle. One is very critical on one’s self too one might add. This past Tuesday after having breakfast one’s stomach and wouldn’t stop. So one already had the small fan going but didn’t have the ceiling fan going. Proceeded to head for the bathroom while becoming dizzy from the heat and one instead gently hit the wall, therefore having a shiner on one’s forehead. One put one head between one’s legs before laying down. After about two hours of just laying still while eyes being closed, decided to get something to eat as it was now three p.m. Ate a little and then decided to lay back down still with the computer going. Then it was seven in the evening when one had begun to feel much better. Finish what was left from eating and proceeded to blog.Again went to the bathroom and put a cold washcloth on the swelling. The next day the swelling was down considerably and put some vaseline on the scratch.  One must have caught a virus and coupled with the heat one had surmised. The proof is in the pudding: any extreme and myself definitely don’t mix. Had only told of this experience to David Papadreas in a email that he had previously scripted. One has to try to relax and just worry about the important items. One must focus on one’s health.

Fly In The Ointment

July 8, 2011

Again the heat is rising quickly as there is sunshine as one views, so both the small and the ceiling are running. Although one didn’t find it a necessity during the night. If by chance one needed advice about something, inquired directions or something else that is unrelated. There would be a fly in the ointment. Certain people would most likely give one wrong advice or direct one in the complete opposite way. Now why is that? Is it the fact that they want to appear bright or in fact are they oxy-morons! And it’s not human nature! One has a friend that whenever one has a conversation with her about some subject, she invarably turns the conversation around to refer herself or to one of her family members. This has happens time and time again. So it is best to not have indepth conversations with her. One doesn’t really want to hear that b/c it has nothing to do with the subject at hand. Or for instance, in the realm of conversations one will mention something and then the person will embellish it sometimes make it bigger and worse than what was in the beginning. While one thrives on people in a general sense, one must keep in mind to continue to have a wide variety of friends in which to interact therefore carrying on with stimulating, interesting, uplifting and engaging conversations.

“In The Course Of Events”

July 6, 2011

What a hot day it is! Normally one would comment that it is a warm day however today is hot, close to five degrees from ninety. One will normally just have a small fan on in one’s apartment. Just occasionally one will run the ceiling fan a while however not today. What happens in the course of events prior to something heinous happening? A couple of days ago one had heard on wls that an incident occurred in Indiana, particularily in Martinsville. There was a six year old child shot and killed with the gun as he slept in his bed. The murder gets worse. He was shot by his brother who was eleven years of age. Now there are a many questions to ponder. One had read that the brothers had two different fathers so they would be half brothers. So why doesn’t the article report that originally. Now what kind of life did this eleven years have to seek such an act? Afterall this is a child too, apparently without guidance from adults. When the incident happened the mother and the boyfriend were supposed to be caring for the two boys, apparently that wasn’t happening in this case. Now whose gun was it? Was it the boyfriends? Why wasn’t it locked in a box and put into a high chest, that only the owner had and kept the key? Wouldn’t it be logical of the mother and boyfriend to be charged as accessories? They should both be accountable. The prosecutor has voiced that the act was intentional. Being intentional under the law is have presence of thought or pre-meditated. This is an eleven year old boy, still a child. The age of reason doesn’t come until the age of seven. According to the prosecutor the boy is being charged with first degree murder. Wouldn’t a person think that the prosecutor was just making a name for himself? Is the prosecutor self appointed? Is he coming up for re-election soon? Remember there is justice for all or there should be. Needless to say, this boy’s life is ruined. Time and time again mothers have a child yet can’t raised them in an appropriate way. Was the mother and boyfriend high on a drug or two? Human beings never learn. Without proper guidance the age of reason never comes.

“All Quiet”

July 1, 2011

With the first day of July this morning, it is heating up considerably. Can now feel it as one is scripting at the moment. Now have the both fans running. It is all quiet on the local front. At ones former address one would walk across the railroad tracks to proceed elsewhere. For six years one would occasionally question as to why the tracks were there in the first place. People never gave a straight answer or would beat around the bush, in the attempt to divert the conversation. Until one day one met a lady, Amy who while having a pleasant chat with her: one said oh and by the way why are there railroad tracks there, they look so unsightly. She would proceed to tell a story. One would occasionally view a train too. This train is carrying coal. No one wants to speak of it for obvious reasons. Mainly that the coal pollutes the atmosphere and especially the ozone layer. One had noticed the trails of smoke billowing from buildings in the downtown area. Amy said the engineer was transporting the coal somewhere in Wisconsin to a remote town where they had the plant. One thought how dreadful yet didn’t voice a sound. It is an utter shame that people lives have to be relieved on this. Why isn’t it put to a more useful and positive source. Namely convert it into fuel for vehicles. So that the U.S. would finally depend/aid themselves instead of other countries. And at last travel more economically. Just think the price of airline tickets would be drastically slashed so Americans may go to small reunions at anytime they choose. Or is this concept a dream? Dreams do come true with previous planning.