“All Quiet”

With the first day of July this morning, it is heating up considerably. Can now feel it as one is scripting at the moment. Now have the both fans running. It is all quiet on the local front. At ones former address one would walk across the railroad tracks to proceed elsewhere. For six years one would occasionally question as to why the tracks were there in the first place. People never gave a straight answer or would beat around the bush, in the attempt to divert the conversation. Until one day one met a lady, Amy who while having a pleasant chat with her: one said oh and by the way why are there railroad tracks there, they look so unsightly. She would proceed to tell a story. One would occasionally view a train too. This train is carrying coal. No one wants to speak of it for obvious reasons. Mainly that the coal pollutes the atmosphere and especially the ozone layer. One had noticed the trails of smoke billowing from buildings in the downtown area. Amy said the engineer was transporting the coal somewhere in Wisconsin to a remote town where they had the plant. One thought how dreadful yet didn’t voice a sound. It is an utter shame that people lives have to be relieved on this. Why isn’t it put to a more useful and positive source. Namely convert it into fuel for vehicles. So that the U.S. would finally depend/aid themselves instead of other countries. And at last travel more economically. Just think the price of airline tickets would be drastically slashed so Americans may go to small reunions at anytime they choose. Or is this concept a dream? Dreams do come true with previous planning.

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