This is the third day in a row that the heat is again rising, momentarily it is seventy five degrees and its only nine twenty two this morning. One could never take the heat, or for that matter any types of extremes. Didn’t have the fans on during the night for one was comfortable without them. However woke at six to a phone call from Andre and had a very pleasant conversation with him. Then proceeded to have breakfast after turning on the two fans full blast. Momentarily one feels fine. Each day one has a constructive time in doing something beneficial. Knowing that Ian and his family are coming here on the thirteenth of this month, gradually have been geering up in preparation for that. One has been maintaining one’s apartment regardless yet at the same time getting ready for it. They will be here for the day and are coming at lunchtime. So as the days grow shorter one has been putting the finishing touches on the place as one wants it to look presentable for them as well as for oneself. One might say that it is a sense of pride on ones part and at the same time want to make a decent impression. They are particular especially Michelle. One is very critical on one’s self too one might add. This past Tuesday after having breakfast one’s stomach and wouldn’t stop. So one already had the small fan going but didn’t have the ceiling fan going. Proceeded to head for the bathroom while becoming dizzy from the heat and one instead gently hit the wall, therefore having a shiner on one’s forehead. One put one head between one’s legs before laying down. After about two hours of just laying still while eyes being closed, decided to get something to eat as it was now three p.m. Ate a little and then decided to lay back down still with the computer going. Then it was seven in the evening when one had begun to feel much better. Finish what was left from eating and proceeded to blog.Again went to the bathroom and put a cold washcloth on the swelling. The next day the swelling was down considerably and put some vaseline on the scratch.  One must have caught a virus and coupled with the heat one had surmised. The proof is in the pudding: any extreme and myself definitely don’t mix. Had only told of this experience to David Papadreas in a email that he had previously scripted. One has to try to relax and just worry about the important items. One must focus on one’s health.

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