“Not Three But Four”

With the mere sizzling temps and unbelievable heat index of record high one has managed to use common sense and just go outdoors as little as possible, simply using two fans: one a small and one a ceiling which allows enough comfortability which are continually running. Not three but four thank yous are in order. Starting with Borders, which are in liquidation and are sadly closing 650 stores and putting 11,000 employees out of a job. However on the upside 30 stores will remain open as booksamillion will take over the leases and assets. So that in a small way is promising. Fortunately these employees have other jobs and are for the most part are overqualified as one has mentioned in a previous blog when the westside store closed in April. Now the eastside one is closing. One had written some comments earlier on the borders website. Now let’s thank David Papandreas for his recent book. One really recommends this one wholeheartedly. It gives many added info on the different types of food one should have to stay healthy. For instance did you know the ginger is used by cancer patients to bring down the blood pressure? Garlic may be an added ingredient to do the same thing. This is very good info to keep in mind. The author put a good deal of thought and did the same amount of research on it. One understands he is in the process of writing a follow up on it. Now for the third, goes to Brittany at Lenscrafters on the eastside. She is very friendly, most congential and professional in her work as a costomer representive. Not last but not lease goes to Santo as a lens technician whose patience, expertise, and dedication is phenomenal. All the best to them.

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