“Deservingly So”

With exactly two weeks into the month and another two weeks to go, believe it or not this is the first blog of the month. Surprisingly the weather has be condusive for taking a stroll yet not warm enough for swimming. In previous blogs one had mentioned the subject at hand and was well aware not to reiterate it and yet at this time will rehash it while seeking a different angle. One will focus on taxes. With most of the states broke or nearly so one would question the reason why each individual state doesn’t execute sooner than they do? There are appeals after appeals and it takes numerous years as much as ten or more. In the meantime, these individuals are taking up space, having three meals a day. All the rights are afforded to them as far as free board with a various lawyers fighting for their right to exist. While each victim had succumbed these people weren”t given any rights. And while these inmates await their turn the taxes keep on mounting to an exorbitant figure. Heard on the news that it was inhuman to do this as far as injections. That is utterly ridiculous. It is logical and deservingly so that karma should be carried out. With that said look at all the revenue that could be saved for social programs and perhaps hospital,dental and funeral care to those without the affordability of insurance.

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