“Part Two The Book”

What a perfect day thusfar with the sun shining down upon the earth’s surface and the cool breezes whistling gently it seems like a day to accomplish what needs to be done. Had just finished an awe inspiring book yesterday” The Kennedy Detail” What a fine wonderful book it is! It is scripted as history is taken recorded with a genuine true events that one feels that it is in the midst of happening again with clarity feelings of those who were within those unconscionable uncomfortable preposterous conditions of that particular time that brought those who were directly and in fact indirectly in a downward spiral to the core. In fact while one was reading it and therefore reliving the events one had to stop and take several breaks just to get away from it a moment or so it was that well versed with many emotional segments throughout the entire contents. One couldn’t just read it and not feel attachment for those whose lives were on the line on a minute to minute basis. These people literally lived and breathe their work every waking hour and when they slept which was seldom they would have nightmares as a result of what they saw and ultimately felt. Their lives were constantly turned upside down inside out and backwards as a result of their type of work. They were each professionals through and through had the confidentiality which was a must, couldn’t even discuss anything related to their jobs to their closest relatives including of course family. They literally had to hold what they saw on a daily basis inside and hoped they wouldn’t explode in the meantime. They were ticking bombs. They each loved what they did for a living and wouldn’t have chosen anything other career. It was human heartwrenching for their own families to not to have known their innermost thoughts of the people they had admired most in the world and chosen to live out their lives with them always knowing that these professionals couldn’t utter word one and if they did they would have broken their code of silence. These professionals also had code names for all the places and members involved. It was for their safety and well as for their own. It was 50 years in the content of this book and besides the actual events it also brings the reader closer to the reality of how technology has advanced over the years. It is a most recommended book for all regardless of one’s personal flavour. One had a time in obtaining this book and it was well worth the wait in gold.

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