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October 11, 2011

What a serene day this is turning out to be. Weatherwise one couldn’t ask for more than this. With the phone quiet for a couple of days, one should appreciate the solitude of it all. Meaning not a soul has called by phone. Usually it is non-stop: with Andre phoning during the night/ day several and friends too. It is a restful period in which one should appreciate at the moment. Inwardly it is a test of wills for oneself. Still resolved in the pledge of not having any diet coke and that is going well. Haven’t been reading anything bookwise lately, simply b/c thought it would be better to wait til November. Have 3 books to read then. Had been on the computer to see if people in one line of profession would actually be successful in another. Found that this is so. Robert Downey Jr. is very talented in singing. Dirk Bogarde who was an actor in very renound films, is an accomplished writer who has numerous books to his credit and also has a music disc available. How nice is that. Bet no one knows or for that matter cares about it. I for one do. Bet others do too. Now at last to the subject at hand. One would think that it would be good to return to NYC, being homegrown and familiar with the environment. However one has definite second thoughts about it. The entire place has changed which is obviously true and it is a known fact that fewer native New Yorkers are there. They are been replaced with many foreigners from various parts of the world. These people have inhabited  this city for many reasons and it is their right to do that. They have brought with them their language, culture and other ways of life. Sometimes in a negative style, and for that reason makes one uncomfortable. Now lets clarify it not all are this way however a good many are and that makes one very uneasy. The drugs for one instance,crime and the items that go with them. Let one say that in this piece one hopes not to reiterate on items said previously. It is very easy for one to do that for this subject and its connection is very close to one’s heart. There is another  state close to oneself and that is Maryland. As the song goes “Maryland My Maryland”. One have resided in Madison, Wi. for a total of seven years. It is fine and enjoyable. One may truthfully say is there a connection? Maybe, only time will tell. Just love the mystery of it all.

“A Twist”

October 10, 2011

A considerably cooler days are upon us which will simply make one appreciate the kinder times, yet the variety will be fine. The other day last week one was attempting to locate something suitable listening wise on the radio. While one’s first choice is am890wls anytime particularly to awake to that venue over coffee, it just seems the perfect combination. However not having that choice, one was patiently flipping around to the numerous stations very slowly. Came upon one that was a bit disturbing, a twist on the other end of the spectrum. This being a Catholic station, which was to one’s way of thinking out of the ordinary. Not surprising that it was in fact in existence, merely that the station was here in this area of the country. It is very wrong to have these types who advertise their belief regardless of which is in reference. For the same token it is easier to have a person such as Rev. Fulton J. Sheen who was a priest that had a weekly tv program on Sunday nights a while ago. People would flock to hear his message. He was phonogenic to the camera regardless of which lens he was facing. That being so his tone of voice and attitude was a pleasant combination to the viewers. This wasn’t the case for the several evangelists such as Pat Roberts and others. Now just because the person is easier on the eyes, with a socalled pleasant attitude doesn’t indicate that the message he is displaying is legitimate. For instance, point is that one’s belief is a private matter and should never be for sale. Remember songs with load music may have a strong positive message. In the same vane music that is more melodic may have an opposite negative effect.


October 6, 2011

Seems like cooler air, however in reality it is near 80 with a string of sunny beautiful days on the way. Nice day for outdoor activities or just taking full advantage of these warm days as winter will be here soon enough especially in this part of the country. This is a perfect day to go obtain a diet coke, to take a very short walk nearby and grab that. Let one give a premise! Years ago while working on a daily basis which one day went right into the other without a rest in between, one had to stay awake and in doing so, one drank Mountain Dew all the time. It got to a point that it was all one had as a beverage. Went to the dentist and had all kinds of problems with one’s teeth. Came to the decision to give it up and not cave into it. Now one is resolving to this pledge again for one’s health. To not cave in at the drop of a hat and give up Diet Coke entirely once and for all. In the past one did it and will do this again. Thought in replacement one could drink orange juice with pulp, carrot juice, cranberry juice and try milk as long it is always cold. One will feel better as a result. This will be a test of will power because when one is at the cashier counter and one views the variety of soft drinks all will stand out and say take me etc. No harm done. Needless to say they are wrong. So all one may add at this point is to verse. Time will tell. Best regards to ones health.


October 1, 2011

As a brand new month is here, the fresh autumn leaves are as colourful as ever. There is a beautiful tree that one has been viewing periodically  while taking daily strolls nearby one’s residence. It is between two other trees. However it leaves on the middle one have been changing from green, orange, yellow to now a crimson red: as of this moment the ground is simply covered with these picturesque sights. What a lovely time it is. There is a well known business which is called Amway which specializes in a great many products for the home. Some of them are laundry detergents and along those lines of household items to many to mention. This extends through out the U.S. and most probably would be oversees as well. The point is that this is a scam from the word go. People who are gullible enough to feed into this nonsense only because of the greed of others should wise up to these practices and educate themselves beforehand. Unfortunately this isn’t the case and these people are pulled into a development sooner than not. The sad reality is that only the top people are making substantial gains while the others are getting deeper and deeper in dept. It is somewhat along the same lines as one who gambles. Each state should be aware of these practices and put laws in place to enforce against it. It shouldn’t make a difference if the person uses the defense as to the privacy angle. Afterall, human beings have a choice and for the same token should be self educated as to these fallacies.