Seems like cooler air, however in reality it is near 80 with a string of sunny beautiful days on the way. Nice day for outdoor activities or just taking full advantage of these warm days as winter will be here soon enough especially in this part of the country. This is a perfect day to go obtain a diet coke, to take a very short walk nearby and grab that. Let one give a premise! Years ago while working on a daily basis which one day went right into the other without a rest in between, one had to stay awake and in doing so, one drank Mountain Dew all the time. It got to a point that it was all one had as a beverage. Went to the dentist and had all kinds of problems with one’s teeth. Came to the decision to give it up and not cave into it. Now one is resolving to this pledge again for one’s health. To not cave in at the drop of a hat and give up Diet Coke entirely once and for all. In the past one did it and will do this again. Thought in replacement one could drink orange juice with pulp, carrot juice, cranberry juice and try milk as long it is always cold. One will feel better as a result. This will be a test of will power because when one is at the cashier counter and one views the variety of soft drinks all will stand out and say take me etc. No harm done. Needless to say they are wrong. So all one may add at this point is to verse. Time will tell. Best regards to ones health.


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