“A Twist”

A considerably cooler days are upon us which will simply make one appreciate the kinder times, yet the variety will be fine. The other day last week one was attempting to locate something suitable listening wise on the radio. While one’s first choice is am890wls anytime particularly to awake to that venue over coffee, it just seems the perfect combination. However not having that choice, one was patiently flipping around to the numerous stations very slowly. Came upon one that was a bit disturbing, a twist on the other end of the spectrum. This being a Catholic station, which was to one’s way of thinking out of the ordinary. Not surprising that it was in fact in existence, merely that the station was here in this area of the country. It is very wrong to have these types who advertise their belief regardless of which is in reference. For the same token it is easier to have a person such as Rev. Fulton J. Sheen who was a priest that had a weekly tv program on Sunday nights a while ago. People would flock to hear his message. He was phonogenic to the camera regardless of which lens he was facing. That being so his tone of voice and attitude was a pleasant combination to the viewers. This wasn’t the case for the several evangelists such as Pat Roberts and others. Now just because the person is easier on the eyes, with a socalled pleasant attitude doesn’t indicate that the message he is displaying is legitimate. For instance, point is that one’s belief is a private matter and should never be for sale. Remember songs with load music may have a strong positive message. In the same vane music that is more melodic may have an opposite negative effect.

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