“A Process”

As a quiet evening is underway and this is the first blog that is being scripted momentarily, one wonders if this will be the only one for this month. If it is that will be alright. A process originated with a thought initially early at the beginning of the month or it could have been toward the end of the previous month. That thought originated into action. It all began with one being at the mall or at the supermarket mainly being away from the apartment and thinking how nice and convenient it would be if one would take it upon oneself to not borrow a cell phone again from anyone. To be able to use one’s own mobile phone. So trying to decide on which carrier wasn’t to difficult. Went to the mall and noticed that several carriers were at one’s disposal. Knowing that one was familiar with at&t and had excellent service with them as one has a land-line thought it would be appropriate. So chatted with radioshack, went to several stores and noticed some being advertised right in full view as one was strolling to the different stores. Filled out the proper procedures with at&t then chatted with verizon as well, as some of one’s relatives have that. One must interject at this point that radioshack was practicing some high jinks which hadn’t been surprising as they have had a history of that. So finally decided with cricket which one is most pleased. This is ones first mobile phone and one caught on once one had erased the nervousness about it and just relaxed and was fine. Actually one must say that one had a very patient teacher with instruction about the operation of it. Now at this point in time one already had activated it and with again the same patient teacher and filled out the proper notification online, will be making ones first of many payments gladly as well. Used it at the mall the other day to phone a greencab. Will be going to the dentist next week too. Then again it will serve a useful purpose while traveling. What a great decision this was!

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