“A Fluke”

With just a trace of snow gracing the surface yet somewhat chilly weather forthcoming, the holidays are well underway. While waiting patiently to see the dentist recently, one was viewing a magazine”Mens Journal” dedicated to sports with ads directed to men. It was most refreshing. Came across an article which was particularly with intriguing and intrinsically known to most individuals. It dealt with the sport of ice hockey and several deaths as a result of taking part in it. One may add that football with the various injuries that some players are beginning to file lawsuits against this sport. In both cases these two activities have enough protection for the players. It is a fluke pure and simple. Both football and ice hockey are played with strategy. There are specific rules against violence and heavy fines are paid for the culprits. One can’t in anyway compare these mentioned activities to the sport of boxing. That is regarded as violent with the audience egging the participants involvement. It is good though despite the items in the way, one doesn’t necessarily refer it to risks. In order for one to partake in a sport one must totally love it and give it their all.

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