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” An Aficionado”

January 19, 2012

With less snow presently than usual, there is another snowstorm on the way tomorrow which will leave the ground with nearly eight of more inches. Here so far it hasn’t been bad and one is hoping that it stays status quo as long as possible. Came home from the dentist which fortunately wasn’t that bad as one’s appointment was later and was taken earlier. Just wanted it to be over with for obvious reasons. One is an aficionado for many things. Sports which one favours some over others, music which one has more of an appreciation for more types. Namely soundtracks from movies. Some of them believe it or not are of a classical nature. One composer who comes to mind is Alexander Duplait. His compositions are breathtaking to hear. He has composed many, namely ” The Painted Veil”, The Girl With A Pearl Earring: The Kings Speech and of course more. If one isn’t familiar with classical music then one may just take a listen to some soundtracks and immediately one will automatically change one’s view. Speaking of sports and the art of ice skating, years ago Jonny Weir skated divinely to piece of ravishing, radiant music entitled ” The Swan”. Recently one was doing some research and found that this was composed by Camille Saint-Sains. Actually found it accidently for Saint-Sains did a rendition of a song called “Night” sung marvelously by Jackie Wilson. If one takes a moment to do some research on things it would be worth the time. For instance the movie with Dirk Bogarde ” Death in Venice”  Only part of the music is from the third and fifth movements of Gustav Mahler. That is the same with Camile Saint-Saens. It is from the Swan Movement. Incidently this composer knew and studied with Mozart. It is astounding that these sagas were written over a century ago and are still appreciated today.


January 16, 2012

One might say that this title is somewhat tongue and cheek. The word is use frequently by a very well known and respected journalist, and one hopes he doesn’t mind in the least for one using it too. It would be the greatest form of flattery. While one was happily filling ones favourites with items of personal interest, some of the sites were on youtube, which in itself in fine. However there were several times while in the start of a process of listening to entertaining material, there were ads that had nothing whatsoever to do with the contents. This being ads of christian dating which had the word Our Lord within its realm. This to oneself was completely and utterly unnecessary. It seemed that to do this was to bring attention because one wouldn’t be able to receive it in any other way. How fruitless was this? While thinking it would be positive it would attain nothing and furthermore it would be go in the opposite direction. With clouds abundance there is a beautiful patch of blue in the sky and it is still mild weatherwise. How great is that!

“Pay The Piper”

January 14, 2012

Ok, This is the second time one has attempt this. First time wordpress said one wasn’t logged on and one had to cancel the draft. They had mistakingly posted only a few lines of it. So one has to realise that people are human. This has been a worldwind of accomplishments for a week craming in all that has to be done and things that one doesn’t ordinarily do for lack of time. One being phoning friends to wish them New Year’s greeting. Wished a couple of them birthday happinesses. Finished a book previously named and started on another one” The Romance of Destiny Fanny Stevenson” by Alexandra La Pierre. Went to the grocery and did laundry all in one day. Went to the dentist on Tuesday for the second time and have to go again on Thursday. Each having one’s mouth numbed. Have to replace a bridge. This time had an impression made. What a ordeal and unpleasant as well. Had pictures taken, the whole nine yards. Now wonder why one’s son Andre doesn’t like dentists in the least. The whole process seemed like forever only took an hour and a half. It is an necessary evil. It all has to do with health, and speaking of that, have been making an effort to eat better. It again is a chore yet necessary. Still one is off of diet coke and all cookies. Seems like it’s Lent all over again. Got an ad and a survey in the mail about wolves and the killing them. Seems that the wildlife organisation noticed that one lived in Wisconsin they thought that one would be interested in it. They thought wrong. Wasn’t interested in their eyes and in their way of thinking. Have to always respect people’s choices and rights of expression. There is a fresh amount of snowfall which isn’t that bad as the sun is shining brightly on the surface of the earth.