One might say that this title is somewhat tongue and cheek. The word is use frequently by a very well known and respected journalist, and one hopes he doesn’t mind in the least for one using it too. It would be the greatest form of flattery. While one was happily filling ones favourites with items of personal interest, some of the sites were on youtube, which in itself in fine. However there were several times while in the start of a process of listening to entertaining material, there were ads that had nothing whatsoever to do with the contents. This being ads of christian dating which had the word Our Lord within its realm. This to oneself was completely and utterly unnecessary. It seemed that to do this was to bring attention because one wouldn’t be able to receive it in any other way. How fruitless was this? While thinking it would be positive it would attain nothing and furthermore it would be go in the opposite direction. With clouds abundance there is a beautiful patch of blue in the sky and it is still mild weatherwise. How great is that!

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