“A Fine Line”

With the still mild weather that is really a relief from last winter, it is enjoyable. There is a fine line between certain aspects of life. Whatever humans fine pleasurable, it is good not to use these to the extremes. Although it is really human nature so it is most difficult to accomplish. One must use common sense. There is something called ” The Seven Capital Sins” and no one knows why the number is seven either. Let one seem to recollect upon them. They are Lust, Envy, Pride,Gluttony. So again there are seven. I recalled four from memory. Four out of seven isn’t bad. Will find out the other three sometime soon. However not stress over it at the moment. Paid the dentist bill in full today. Am happy to get it out of the way, although it was $450, and move on to something as important. Don’ t like things over my head. Feels like a noose. It is ironic that one had to phone the dentist office to see when it would show up. They sure take their sweet time in doing that, however when it comes to making appts they pressure people. Surely one isn’t the only one who feels like that. Now that is done, one will enjoy some calamari, maybe some Maryland crabcakes and some mgd, a six pack. Saw the movie “Reservoir Dogs” yesterday. It was really humorious, violent, and excellent acting and the music was entertaining as well. Really recommend it. Been enjoying the book by Alexandra La Pierre too. Read it occasionally. This dialogne is done for now. Am scripting this on a different format and hoping it will turn out well. That is all for the moment. Well, wouldn’t you know it clicked tags and the word disappeared. Now people must be in laughter now. So the tag will be acquiesce!

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