“Twist Of Fate”

This is the second time in an entire day that one has been on this site. Earlier in the afternoon one blogged on a different topic. However it was on a different format. So to have this familiar format one put it in ones favourites, reason being that after one had finished the first blog couldn’t tag it and then couldn’t put it on facebook. So one made a comment relating to it. Thought one would say to go to the comment page and view it however really would like to delete it for it has one’s name instead of ones users name and feel uneasy about it so after this one will delete the comment. The comment goes as follows: one looked up on google and found the 7 capital sins. They are pride, covetousness(also referred to as avarice or greed) lust, anger, gluttony, envy,sloth(lazziness) Then one posed a question which is: When one tends to be guilty of any of these society refers it to mental illness, why is that? Now to the topic at hand. Quite sometime ago there was a child who had als and although he suffered valiently from this he was talented beyond imagination. He wrote a total of 6 books, “Messenger” was his first. He was a beautiful poet and storyteller. He never complained in the least of his plight. It was a twist of fate. His mother Jeni did all she could for him as she was soon diagnosed with the same. All healthy children could benefit from his poems. The zest of life he possess to the ultimate degree. He was a very happy child even to the end of his short life.

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