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“Logically Longing”

March 17, 2012

With the weather in a springtime mode, it is Saint Patrick’s Day. St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland and the English replaced it with the dampness. True or not, this line is from “Angela’s Ashes” Lets give credit where credit is due. Let’s forget the green beer and the mugs of  Irish ale, Irish coffee and concentrate on some craic (fun). Read some Irish history, an Irish storytellers as the Irish were well known for their storytelling. A son’s father is his hero, a daughter’s father is her first love. While one’s own father was distant, cold, stern,which was because of his sad upbringing and wasn’t his fault, it was a fact of life and in many respects affected oneself. One looks at other families, which no family is perfect and imagines how it would feel to have a grandfather, grandmother, and uncle or an aunt. As the years blossomed one was fortunate find a myriad of relatives on one’s mother’s side however nothing on one’s father’s side. When one was four years of age, one’s father and his brother had an altercation and his brother left the premises with many Christmas presents one was a doll. One’s mother made a snide remark. Then when one was twenty years of age, one met my Uncle Bobby and he was most complimentary to oneself. Again one’s father became extremely jealous of the attention his brother was paying me. That was the first and last time for that. Then when one was visiting one’s brother, Greg and one’s son Ian and his family: one’s sister-in-law Ellen gave oneself a picture, somewhat that of a card and on the front it was a baby’s picture with the caption” we welcome with love Cole Davis, Apr.29,2009, 4:38 pm, 7 pounds,14 ounces, 21 and a half inches. Underneath it states Claudia and Jay Douglass and Big Brother Reid. Ellen Greg’s wife commented that the baby is Uncle Bobby’s grandson and that Claudia is Uncle Bobby’s daughter. In a brief conversation with one’s brother, Greg he mentioned in passing that Uncle Bobby was or is married to Ellsie who is or was Claudia’s mother. The Jeckos are family oriented while the Davis’s aren’t. One commented to one’s brother of that fact. One’s brother’s response was ” good luck”. One thought “So buttons”. One is logically longing for harmony and at this point will get it anyway possible. Let’s close this with a “Lullaby” Turalora lora, Turalora, li: Turalora lora, Hush now don’t you cry: Toralora lora, Toralora, li: Toralora lora, That’s an Irish lullaby.


March 3, 2012

A topsy-turvy combination of weather related activities within a very short period of time has grown havoc on the nation. A very well known song comes to mind unrelating to this opening.Accentuate the positive,eliminate the negative, let’s call the whole thing off. The whole world is a stage, we the people are only actors. This is around about way to prioritize what is essential and what isn’t. It is to the eye of the beholder. Whether it being a catchy slogan,logo,phrase, rhymning technique, a line of clothing,lines of the best cosmetics,makeup etc.,the sleekist form of any transportation, digital advances, scientific ways in medicine and dental too. These ranges are far indeed. They can reach the broad horisons in the best education as well. However when this subject comes to human emotions, it takes on a far difference premise. Such as dating for instance. One may see what is just on the surface and for most people they are just satisfied with that choice. While a few others may want to see how people tick. It is only their choice to do so. Most persons aren’t observant and so therefore they need to be told about the added features mentioned, and in some cases be bombarded with it until they are blue in the face. Yet only a few others tend to ignore it.