A topsy-turvy combination of weather related activities within a very short period of time has grown havoc on the nation. A very well known song comes to mind unrelating to this opening.Accentuate the positive,eliminate the negative, let’s call the whole thing off. The whole world is a stage, we the people are only actors. This is around about way to prioritize what is essential and what isn’t. It is to the eye of the beholder. Whether it being a catchy slogan,logo,phrase, rhymning technique, a line of clothing,lines of the best cosmetics,makeup etc.,the sleekist form of any transportation, digital advances, scientific ways in medicine and dental too. These ranges are far indeed. They can reach the broad horisons in the best education as well. However when this subject comes to human emotions, it takes on a far difference premise. Such as dating for instance. One may see what is just on the surface and for most people they are just satisfied with that choice. While a few others may want to see how people tick. It is only their choice to do so. Most persons aren’t observant and so therefore they need to be told about the added features mentioned, and in some cases be bombarded with it until they are blue in the face. Yet only a few others tend to ignore it.

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