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“On The Back Burner”

April 26, 2012

It is just amasing that this month of literally flying into the history books. With only four days to go, the weather has been beautiful with a bit on everything combined. Now backtracking for a moment, on the back burner was always the thought of Andre, my son. As the years went slowly by, a total of eight one’s constant contemplation was Andre and when we would view one another again. With each Christmas which came and went, it was prolonged. A New Year would come and one would resolve the same without question. Although inwardly keeping it a secret to oneself, one would never think otherwise. There were near misses also, with lots of yeses, nos and maybes along the way. With lasting conversations via phone, emails both of us knew there must be a way however the question was how. With the questions of movings, jobs the hope was always there. Now fastforwarding! Then it finally came!  Andre took a bus from Seattle to Madison. In the meantime, one went online and printed the route. Phone the Greyhound general office to see how long it would be and of course it differed from the internet’s version. That being from a little over two days to nearly three days with six changes inbetween. A very tiresome time without the adequate amount of rest. Then to make it more confusing the bus station was changed from Langdon Street downtown to Huxley Street on the near North side. One phone green cab and asked to dispatcher what the fare was and to please have the cab driver pick up Andre at the bus station. Then Andre phoned from a paid phone several times and said he had walked to a convenient store around the corner. Then again one had phoned the same cab and requested that the driver look for Andre at the designated location. One was on pins and needles waiting for the cab to come to one’s address. Then within  a forty five minutes time period which seemed like a duration of a lifetime. The cab arrived with Andre in the back seat. One just paid the driver gladly and went to hug Andre. He said” Mom let me out of the cab, and the bag is too heavy as one had begun to reach of it”  We had Papa Johns pizza in celebration that night. Andre has been here since the fourth of April. He has been working at Brocachs an Irish restaurant near the Capital and takes the bus each way. Without going into an infinessimal details, it has been a joy well worth the wait and is continuing to be just that.


April 11, 2012

While the weather is conducive and prelude of calmness, one is sitting here drinking an endless cup of coffee. One happen to take a glance at the local news, which one is better atune to the national and international events and came across an article which was really typical of ignorance. So as one was continuing to read it and at the same time didn’t want to get hot under the collar yet couldn’t resist one commenting on the contents. After again glancing at the comments one was compelled. Jotted down a single line which comprised this state isn’t in touch with reality. That was simple and said it in a nutshell. With that got various retorts which one just ignored. Just was content to strike a nerve. Work with issues instead of against them. It doesn’t mean that you are in agreement with it. You are seeing the forest for the trees. The whole ball of wax. This is to attempt to make the community better than you found it. Another thought unrelated to the previous statement. Ambivert is a person having characteristics of both being an extrovert and an introvert. Finally enjoying cooking as a friend from Ala. had sent a crock pot which one hasn’t used yet and her daughter and husband sent some pots and pans. Was so grateful for that. It is nice to have friends who truly care.