While the weather is conducive and prelude of calmness, one is sitting here drinking an endless cup of coffee. One happen to take a glance at the local news, which one is better atune to the national and international events and came across an article which was really typical of ignorance. So as one was continuing to read it and at the same time didn’t want to get hot under the collar yet couldn’t resist one commenting on the contents. After again glancing at the comments one was compelled. Jotted down a single line which comprised this state isn’t in touch with reality. That was simple and said it in a nutshell. With that got various retorts which one just ignored. Just was content to strike a nerve. Work with issues instead of against them. It doesn’t mean that you are in agreement with it. You are seeing the forest for the trees. The whole ball of wax. This is to attempt to make the community better than you found it. Another thought unrelated to the previous statement. Ambivert is a person having characteristics of both being an extrovert and an introvert. Finally enjoying cooking as a friend from Ala. had sent a crock pot which one hasn’t used yet and her daughter and husband sent some pots and pans. Was so grateful for that. It is nice to have friends who truly care.

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