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“Even Exchange”

May 26, 2012

Wow, nearly five days to go before the following month. What a month it is thusfar. One celebrating birthday which was the best ever. Deciding and redeciding to change phones. What a mixup! Very complicated! Changing from cricket to at&t and back. The delivery is ok yet returning it is a mere hassle. First going on amazon and successfully ordering items that is fun and a breeze. All the while Andre has been here and is a pleasure. So natural to be around,of course he is still working. He is a comfort to me. There is an even exchange beyond compare, with sharing food, consideration, and a bit of comical humor, serious chatter, genuine love. The management here at country meadows has been great. Kathy said they are bending the rules never breaking them. She said that if Andre stays beyond the end of June, I will have to consider a one bedroom apt. That is out of the question b/c of the expense. Don’t really want to involve anyone else, for it is unfair. Between now and then Andre will decide. Been asking him occasionally however don’t want to keep on with it for it will make things uneasy and rightfully so. Andre will be working six days a week and doing some saute. He is saving money and will evenually go to San Diego to stay with Ricky. First time paying online and what an experience. Must have called associated nearly three and phoning cricket once to get the account number from them. The people at associated were very professional. Been paying attention to hockey the Rangers and the Devils play tonight. If the Rangers win they will go to game seven. How exciting is that! Life is fine! Mind over matter!