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June 16, 2012

With pleasant breezes abound, it’s much better weatherwise today. Echelon pertains to level of an organisation, in society those occuping regarding troops, ships and the like. One paraphrased this for obvious reasons. Oh before going forward, it was suggested to me to use the pronoun I instead of using one which refers to the third person. I surely will keep that thought in mind as it arises. An idea is occuring to invent a world book which would encompass the five beliefs. A person would have the option to refer to it if necessary. This book would be used simply on moral grounds and on moral purposes. So anyone in the universe may have this free of charge. That would solve the question of turning to a religion simply because it is there and not necessarily as a creed. I am up to here with the divisions that religion causes. I mean everyone of them. Not speaking of the fundamentalists(extremists) however religion perse. Sick of the christian single ads that overpower the net at every turn. Saw Ghani with Ben Kingsley. There should be a bit of Ghandi in everyone then maybe it would flourish. Am reading “War Horse” by Michael Morpurgo. This is excellent as it is told with the horses point of view. The movie was exceptional, highly rated. Still waiting for the disc” I want to hear the words” with Danny Aiello. Email amazon. Said they would check on it. Also saw “Jacobs Ladder” Great, left you on the edge of your seat, a thriller and had placid moments. Has one maundered off/All I may say is Voulez vous couche avec moi! Ce le viv! Relax!

“Deja Vu”

June 11, 2012

It has been a very sultry day and yet not unbearable. The weather is in the low 90’s and still breezy. It is the type of day which one wants to do as little as possible and not overdue things b/c of the warmth. Been watching the playoffs which are nearly done. The Devils and the Kings play again tomorrow night and if necessary will play Wednesday. When things were rough which indeed they aren’t presently one would script in another language so people were unable to read it. One would script for hours in preparation of relieving stress. The faster one would think of things the faster one would write. It was amasing. It wouldn’t be profound yet it was a way of expression. It would be only in the present, past and future tenses. One would read it and thought it was amasing that one could actually accomplish this feat. Deja Vu is translated as already seen. It is used also in this language. Been reading a book “Into the Wild. What an intriguing epic and keeps one spellbound. One is enjoying and last of spring days as summer is just around the corner.

“Nothings Perfect”

June 5, 2012

While pondering endless thoughts that are continuing, one finds that nothings perfect. That is reality and all the wishes in the universe won’t make it so. A human just wants events that happen to be near or simply on the verge.  Drinking cup after cup of cafe is heaven enough. The topic at the top is actually a song written and sung by my son. He is also in the midst of scripting a screenplay called “Squatters” and several other pieces of work. He has been here in Madison since April.  I myself like to put thoughts together not nearly as well as he does. There is no comparison and one doesn’t feel to be in a competitive mood either. There really isn’t any reason for that. Only to compete with myself and strive to be better, only to answer to oneself for one’s deeds. Now enough of philosophing. On a personal basis been only blogging once a month being that one wants the contents to be better than fine. Been spending this time with my son too. Been reading. Just finished ” The girl with the pearl earring. Really liked the book b/c it was more detailed than the movie although that was great. Am reading ” Into The Wild” Know that too will be more detailed than the movie although that was entertaining. Speaking of collective thoughts, besides blogging I have  separates called Notes/Notepad connected with Yahoo. Every once in a while and not even occasionally I go on Notes and Notepad which are of course separate entities. Just like scripting for ones own satisfaction and if someone else recognises it that is good too.