“Nothings Perfect”

While pondering endless thoughts that are continuing, one finds that nothings perfect. That is reality and all the wishes in the universe won’t make it so. A human just wants events that happen to be near or simply on the verge.  Drinking cup after cup of cafe is heaven enough. The topic at the top is actually a song written and sung by my son. He is also in the midst of scripting a screenplay called “Squatters” and several other pieces of work. He has been here in Madison since April.  I myself like to put thoughts together not nearly as well as he does. There is no comparison and one doesn’t feel to be in a competitive mood either. There really isn’t any reason for that. Only to compete with myself and strive to be better, only to answer to oneself for one’s deeds. Now enough of philosophing. On a personal basis been only blogging once a month being that one wants the contents to be better than fine. Been spending this time with my son too. Been reading. Just finished ” The girl with the pearl earring. Really liked the book b/c it was more detailed than the movie although that was great. Am reading ” Into The Wild” Know that too will be more detailed than the movie although that was entertaining. Speaking of collective thoughts, besides blogging I have  separates called Notes/Notepad connected with Yahoo. Every once in a while and not even occasionally I go on Notes and Notepad which are of course separate entities. Just like scripting for ones own satisfaction and if someone else recognises it that is good too.

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