“A Code”

A brief respite as a welcome storm gave way to hot sizzling summer heat with temps in the hundreds, finally got my computer back. Had to put another hard drive and had the files transferred too. So as one was prepared to put this blog in motion, myxomatosis wasn’t there in my favorites so naturally w/o freaking out had the presence of mind to go into my computer at the start button and copy the word down and then found one of the familiar blogs and from there started a new post. While my computer was away was busy reading, watching movies and took each day as it came. Read a couple of books both by Dirk Bogarde. Yes he was a renound actor and he was an author too. Read ” A Postillion Struck by Lightning” and the sequel ” Snakes and Ladders” He wrote more as well. Now at the topic at hand. A code is a bond and is suppose to be used in a positive way. However many times it is not unfortunately. A good deal of professions have these codes. Priests have them when you go to confession and say what you have done, the priest is bound not to breathe a word of it to anyone. These codes are used in the armed forces, in each law enforcement agencies across the country, the medicine field, attorneys, teachers, professors, guidance counselors, and police officers. This is a code of silence. Now the issue becomes a problem when someone who has been entrusted by the public at large does a horrific deed and then in turn others in  that profession cover it up by not revealing the deed b/c of treats, blackmail or whatever the reason is. This happens more and more and will continue to happen. The recent case of the Penn State Officials. Now lets not dignify it by the particulars, and naming names. The boys lives have been lost forever. They are called boys simply b/c it started in 1998. How horrendous is that!  This so-called code should be broken in some cases. If not there aren’t backbones to these individuals. They are like jellyfish. What right does a cop have to demand(ask) the public to come forward if they are looking for a fugitive or just someone who has committed a crime, minor or major?

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