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“Blue Bird”

August 11, 2012

What a surprising beautiful day it is weatherwise. Just a day to be outdoors enjoying the wonderful sunshine, cooling breezes and nature. Some of us love hummingbirds, seagulls near the ocean arising and soaring above the surface. Yet some enjoy doves which are a sign of peace, tranquility: yet again others like to view birds in their natural habitat, which bird watching is a past time sport. Ever think of the blue bird of happiness! That particular word denotes two of my sons. Yes I did indicate the numeral two. Each of them have brought undying and everlasting  joy. One went through the previous night a harrowing, unforeseen act. One remained calm while the event was occurring. However the picture remains encased in this person’s memory. I hope that one never has the reoccurrance ever. Once is definitely enough. On a lighter note had the carpet cleaned and it looks brand new. So grateful to Country Meadows b/c it surely needed it, no doubt about it. Before that happened tossed a couple of rugs which were in disrepair. Used to begin with so glad that was gone. A dear friend was kind enough to give me a coffee maker. Kept that for a year or so however had to discard that b/c it would always generate a spark when in operation. However kept the craft. Hoping to get a used monitor sooner than later. The present one is a 1998 model. This one will be a flatscreen. Still annoyed w/ cricket. Upgraded to a regular phone instead of a pay-go for obvious reasons. Went on the website to pay monthly and it wasn’t adequate. Seriously thinking of letting it go, the cost mainly and going with a tracfone. Only need it occasionally and why the added expense/hassle. Been reading” Trauma” by Dr. James Cole. Learning a good deal. Doctors are not God-like, as people perceive they are. The experience they possess is the key. They all have the same frailty regardless. One statement that is true to form” Where There’s Life There’s Hope”

“Cracking Down”

August 3, 2012

A novel idea is to bring charges that will stick who enables anyone who perpetrates in any criminal activities. Call it adding and abetting, complicity which when the tire meets the road, it is. These crimes are all. They range from minor misdemeanors to more cronic crimes. These also include the non- violent variety which are many. If for example that occurs to an individual or to property: set stiff fines capable of sending that business into bankrupcy and in all cases they will be inoperable. This includes corporations. Absolutely no place of business would be out of the woods. If for instance children are the perps, go after the parents or relatives in anyway possible. This includes any place of learning regardless: also any place of worship. Then sayings like: ignorance is bliss, silence in golden, and others would go out the window. Only a handful of individuals still go by the honor system. Unfortunately people have the thought that they can do anything they want if they don’t get caught. Have a survey or a referendum to actually view how the US population would react if enacted. Leave it up to the individual states. Don’t involved the US government in any shape or form, expect for the District. Of course have the people of DC involved. This will include the commonwealths which are four. Something has to be done in the rash of events happenings daily. Let’s never forget what occurs to the non human population although people treat them sometimes or better than their fellow human beings. Went to hp a couple of times recently and sold a case of books and a sizable collection of music for a good amount of cash. Highly recommend that! Got the book ” Trauma” by Dr. James Cole. This should be interesting, informative and all of the above. This epic was food for thought.