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September 24, 2012

What a beginning for the twenty-forth. Up at three a.m. Not usually this time however woke up and alert as this topic came to attention. This of course after eating cream cheese and a bagel and a cup of java with some soothing cream. Nice combination. Inflections in a voice indicates certain feelings. A sense of worry, concern which sounds like a whisper. A sense of excitement may indicate a shrill. This in a voice tells what a person wants or better yet what they need. The latter is more important than the former however it could sometimes mean the same. Sometimes this may be misleading too. The key is specific. Hear what isn’t there. Have a sixth sense. Yesterday for some unapparent reason the blog wasn’t read before posting. Just a few seconds ago I was glancing at what had been script and found an error. I will quickly reread this one before posting. Can’t get into a bad habit. Speaking of habits, if you start doing something unfamiliar it will soon become a part of you.It should be done for twenty-one days. On the lighter side, apartment is shapeable. Have a loveseat and a sofa. Sold a long table, a turntable and some books. Rearranged the abode to have more space. Look online found out foods that had protein. Saw that the thyroid gland controls the metablolism. It also has to do with moods. That isn’t the only factor. Also am aware of the foods with potassium. Nearly five, have to wrap this up. My angel Andre, is trying to sleep. I find these blogs are journalistic sometimes. Not a bad thing. That’s all momentarily.

“Frozen In Time”

September 23, 2012

As the pleasant climate is still underway it is really hard to think that this month is nearly over. We know we were born and we know we will die and the inbetween is yours and mine. We as human beings are finite and therefore for the life of me can’t understand why we argue vehemently about a being that is infinite? Along the same lines and we love the Child and crucify the Man. Even an ad was posted in the name of politics and religion. That in itself in drawing a line and hitting below the belt. The inbetween should be filled with goodness, being natural to our fellow human being. Making sure we choose our words in a thoughtful caring manner. Although there is a slogan that states action speak louder that words which in some vane is true. Taking genuine time out of the day without having an ulterior motive. Phoning someone out of the blue to cheer up their day. Looking at a less fortunate person as your equal. Not taking a holier than thou attitude. Not being self absorbed. Listen to others. In that way you may be educated. The word friend is misconstrued. Especially if that so friend does you harm. Think of repercussions before acting and speaking. Human being may not have faith or hope however charity is the most important of the three. There is always a spark of goodness in everyone regardless of who they are . Pay attention to actions instead of appearances. Never have wasted talents. Love yourself than you may love others. Give pride and respect to yourself then inturn it may be given to others. Do everything humanly possible to make yourself a better person. Turn a bad day into a good day a good day into a better day. Empathize others. Encourage others. Individualize others.


September 16, 2012

With windows open continuously even at night while the cold air comes within and wrapped in a blanket: it feels pleasant. It is nice to have the change of seasons especially when one season lasts a bit longer as this one has. It would be inventive to change the routine of vacationeers, long and short, perhaps a weekend for instance. Now how hard can that be? To break a habit, and start having ads on important places of interest to give the citizenry an education. Now what’s wrong with that? It would be advantageous in both ways for the mind as well as the body. One suggestion, and there are many, is in Washington, D.C. The District has much to offer in the way of everything. However a little known fact is unknown by most. There is a plaque dedicated to the 240 individuals from the FS. Now four more names will be engraved. As a result of the repercussion in Libya. This unfortunately has been felt worldwide and is ongoing as we speak. To the fact that although the actual incident has ceased for the most part, it could at some point reignite. Surely that isn’t the hope of anyone. Now let’s focus that 240. That numerically is very sad indeed. There are only a few of us who were unaware of that, my being one of them. Travelling is an education in itself. So let’s make a positive change and visit out of the way places, instead of the transitional ones of our parents and grandparents. Perhaps the history books will finally change for the better. So future generation will actually view what is happening instead of some else’s interpretation.

” In The Background”

September 8, 2012

With the sun shining and cool breezes upon the surface, there is surely room for hope. One might add at this point before going further that Royal Secret was finally order by phone. Won’t go into details although left a brief message of fb. There is a wider spectrum of thoughts ideas and such regarding the law enforcement. Hypothetically speaking if for instance, someone is arrested and they can’t afford an attorney, a public defender is appointed to them. Now who pays of those services. Where does the money come from? Surely not out of the air. The person is given the miranda rights which states in part. Don’t want to repeat what was already said. What if it is percentage of the cost? Then in that case the s0-called rights would be a lie. Or does the court appoint the attorney, or for that matter a public defender? Now let’s take a senario which is so familiar to us. If for instance an individual is taken to hospital by ambulance for an apparent heart attack and that same person is unable to pay for that service. Then who is responsible for the tab? Surely Medicare doesn’t handle the entire amount. For the simple reason it is so astronomical. Say for instance the person hasn’t the wear with all to afford it. There are several times that you get junk mail advertising for health or dental insurance. How can someone afford that when there thought is keeping a roof over their head and keeping food in their mouth. Afterall insurance is only to insure the person doesn’t come upon bad times. And that costs too. Anyone who is in politics regardless of who they are tells the citizenry what they want to hear and not the truth. They wouldn’t know the truth if it struck that down. It would be good to have national health/life/dental. Look at Canada France and others. At least people won’t have bills and all the rest that go along with that harassing them. France has a system which is cradle to the grave. Couldn’t the US come to a compromise with that version. Maybe sometime in the future one would like to have the affordability is this in the background. However it is very doubtful.


September 7, 2012

What a worthwhile, eye-opening and progressive day. All wrapped up in one. Made several calls for things wanted and needed which was fine. Been wanting a certain fragrance which is ideal to my way of thinking and it is particularly indigenous and enhances the scent of the skin. I only and forevermore will wear this. I, for sometime had run out of it. So there I am calling Boston Store, JC Penneys, Sophroa, Walmart, and even Macys, and guess what. No store has it in Madison. Yes this is a small town with small town ideas. O.K. don’t rag on the town you might say! Well what is the alternative? O.K. I am a bit frustrated to say the least. For years I have always wanted to wear this. Why change now. Wear something else that is mediocre. Absolutely not. At least I know that it isn’t available here. That is something. That’s all for now.

“One Definitive Moment”

September 5, 2012

Been putting off blogging for the fact that being occupied with several things and simply it becomes more difficult to dream up topics. Surely it is easier to find ways to avoid this and easier still when things are awry. However Andre my son is still here in Madison: seems so much better regardless of the daily happenings. One might say that it is a learning process for both of us. Getting to know or reacquaint each other after a period of eight years: his being in Seattle. Speaking by phone is one thing, chatting conversations is another, yet being face to face is a whole different matter. Since April it has been grand. Now it is September. Nearly five months and his birthday is next month. Knowing that he doesn’t like cold weather and really who does, if they had their choice. For that matter Wisconsin cold is harsh. I think he is winding down the time spent here. Am grateful for the time already spent. Afterall he is an adult, a very wise one. So that is the course of events in life. Enjoying the time with him. One definitive moment is maturity and that he is, in many more ways than one way. Things with myself have grown more as a result of his being here