With windows open continuously even at night while the cold air comes within and wrapped in a blanket: it feels pleasant. It is nice to have the change of seasons especially when one season lasts a bit longer as this one has. It would be inventive to change the routine of vacationeers, long and short, perhaps a weekend for instance. Now how hard can that be? To break a habit, and start having ads on important places of interest to give the citizenry an education. Now what’s wrong with that? It would be advantageous in both ways for the mind as well as the body. One suggestion, and there are many, is in Washington, D.C. The District has much to offer in the way of everything. However a little known fact is unknown by most. There is a plaque dedicated to the 240 individuals from the FS. Now four more names will be engraved. As a result of the repercussion in Libya. This unfortunately has been felt worldwide and is ongoing as we speak. To the fact that although the actual incident has ceased for the most part, it could at some point reignite. Surely that isn’t the hope of anyone. Now let’s focus that 240. That numerically is very sad indeed. There are only a few of us who were unaware of that, my being one of them. Travelling is an education in itself. So let’s make a positive change and visit out of the way places, instead of the transitional ones of our parents and grandparents. Perhaps the history books will finally change for the better. So future generation will actually view what is happening instead of some else’s interpretation.

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