What a beginning for the twenty-forth. Up at three a.m. Not usually this time however woke up and alert as this topic came to attention. This of course after eating cream cheese and a bagel and a cup of java with some soothing cream. Nice combination. Inflections in a voice indicates certain feelings. A sense of worry, concern which sounds like a whisper. A sense of excitement may indicate a shrill. This in a voice tells what a person wants or better yet what they need. The latter is more important than the former however it could sometimes mean the same. Sometimes this may be misleading too. The key is specific. Hear what isn’t there. Have a sixth sense. Yesterday for some unapparent reason the blog wasn’t read before posting. Just a few seconds ago I was glancing at what had been script and found an error. I will quickly reread this one before posting. Can’t get into a bad habit. Speaking of habits, if you start doing something unfamiliar it will soon become a part of you.It should be done for twenty-one days. On the lighter side, apartment is shapeable. Have a loveseat and a sofa. Sold a long table, a turntable and some books. Rearranged the abode to have more space. Look online found out foods that had protein. Saw that the thyroid gland controls the metablolism. It also has to do with moods. That isn’t the only factor. Also am aware of the foods with potassium. Nearly five, have to wrap this up. My angel Andre, is trying to sleep. I find these blogs are journalistic sometimes. Not a bad thing. That’s all momentarily.

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