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October 21, 2012

The sun shining with the cool breezes upon the surface seems like everything is fine and in some respects it is. There was an article recently about freedom of speech, expression etc. Part of the article jumped out of the page and it went like this. In the US hate speech is presumably( now there is a word that gives the thought away, as if one presumes which is before one assumes it make an ass out of you and me) protected by the First Amendment. However hate crime laws often redefines hateful expression as a criminal act. Now is that contradicting? Or is it a doubled standard? Just asking is that ok? Let’s give a scenario. When someone is part of you and that someone goes through some rough times. You feel everything they are going through. You naturally don’t dwell on it and go about your life as calmly as possible. Of course you live your own life and never live through that someone, however their actions affect you even if you don’t want it too. As well as your actions affect that someone even if you try your best not to let it, it does anyway you just can’t help it. You wait while that someone waits and you both hope for the best.

“In Names Only”

October 8, 2012

Let’s give a silent accolade to relatives who give their time to other members of their families with recognition. Naturally these selfless human beings don’t have to do others the favour. Most of the time it is expected of them without question without even a thank you. At times it is a case of cat in a cradle. It could be an elderly aunt, uncle, cousin, mother, father or a grandmother or grandfather. People who have raised children already and just want their time to be their own. This could be in the same frame with friends too. The casual persons in your past whose names you recollect for some reason or another, guess myself isn’t the exception. Maria Benito, Cecila Careas come to mind. Maria was from Madrid who spoke sparse English was held back from the eighth grade and didn’t graduate with the rest of us. She was crying so hard; it was heartbreaking. Cecila was from Montevideo, Uruguay. For some reason thought she was from Caracas, Venezeula. Remembering now she was from Montevideo,after looking the countries up in the dictionary. She sat in back of me in class @ HCA in D.C. These girls were from the embassy. My sister Anne phone me recently after quite a time, twenty years plus. Said she had gone to a reunion of classmates in Indianapolis. Gave me a phone number and ask me to call that. These people asked about me. So out of shere curiousity tried phoning and it was the wrong area code. So got it from google. Their names are Mary and Ruth Berkebile. They are twins and during the years they had gone to several twin conventions. One being in Minnesota. Called them recently and chatted quite a long time. I had gone to school with them actually only half a semester in Indianapolis. Never liked the school at all. Too highfalutin including the teachers. It was called Ladywood, non existant today. Never connected with it. Mary and Ruth were music majors and have devoted their life to that. Played in the Peru Community Orchestra. Live in the same place now.Lived in Los Angeles, for two years. What’s the deal with that? Hadn’t spoke to them in thirty plus years. Oh the last word of my previous blog was myxomatosis. Saw Radiohead on pbs tonight. Was that an omen? They are utterly awesome.

“Eons Ago”

October 6, 2012

Down deep in a forest existed a very colourful serpent. This creature wasn’t ordinary at all. It was a predator and protector rolled into one. It would resemble the status quo as it crept along ever so slowly. Although it crept it never considered itself to be creepy. It thought to itself to be the status of its surroundings. It would sometimes have the notion to go through tunnels as many as three at a time in the span of the day. It would then slink as high as a skyscraper as it would so enjoy the height. As it stretched longer and longer going over bridges it was amazed at the distance it traveled. It could transform itself into anything instantly. It would go into hospitals and give its venom to those who were in cronic pain. These wouldn’t have any side effects and would be ever so thankful for its kindness. In a flash Marcie appeared as she was lost after taking a wrong turn. The serpent used an alias. This time it was Boonhour. The serpent became very angry at Marcie shouted all kinds of insults and with a click of a mouse halled off and landed a blow into Marcie. She was so stunned. Not a single word was uttered. It was myxomatisis.

“Second Segment”

October 5, 2012

Recalling raking the leaves of autumn into a huge pile only to jump head first into them to feel a sense of comfort, belonging. Such fun it was in the dead of winter to make a igloo and crawl into it to have warmth. Each of these were a sense accomplishment and sheer joy. Let’s now create a play with a scene in a dining room, with a grandfather clock in the corner turned at an angle. The walls are painted a shade of deep aqua. There are non descript paintings on the wall. The sun is just shining into the room and gives a direct glare, as the drapes, colour of off white hang to the floor, aren’t closed yet. There is a large rectanglar table which has a white tablecloth, white cloth napkins, and an exquisite silver table settings including soup spoons for each. At the head of the table sits Mr Mc Goo. On the opposite end sits Mrs How Do You Doo. There is Peppermint Patty, Sally, Marcie, Lucy, Linus, and Schroeder. These are all tense to the tee. Mr Mc Goo sits expressionless. Mrs How Do You Doo sits with her head held high and is prim and proper. Peppermint Patty opens up the conversation with a joke tries to break the ice. The only ones who respond are Schroeder, Mrs How Do You Doo who give a half smile, Sally who gives a smirk, as Mr Mc Goo retorts “There There” to Sally. Lucy and Linus eye one other while Mrs How Do You Do gives a pat on the hand of Schroeder and Peppermint Patty who sits directly beside Schroeder gives a so what attitude. At this point Mr. Mr Goo and Mrs How Do you Doo engage in small talk, while the others all sits on pins and needless in utter silence. After that Mr Mc Goo gives a word out of the blue as he goes around the table and demands the right meaning and pronounciation of it. Lucy answers first which is wrong, Linus then responds which is right. Then Mr Mc Goo gives another and repeats it. He continues with this without interruption. He wants control. Lucy says something off the cuff and is reprimanded by Mrs How Do You Doo. During this entire saga Marcie sits in silence as her mind is racing. She thinks of everyone at the table as their bodies are turned inside out. She finds that amusing and smiles to herself. She literally feels like Tweetie Pie in a gilted cage. She tries her best not to show it: however that’s not to be. She wishes she could take off with Snoopie and the Red Baron. All of a sudden Peppermint Patty is squashed like a peanut.

“Mirror Imagery” Part One

October 4, 2012

One this fine October morning as noon approaches: there is a colourful array of beauty outdoors as the trees are changing. Let’s at this point pose a question. Let’s imagine all the people who have been connected to your life in one tremendous room with of course all the amenities. While you are a mirror imagery peeking in a glass stained window which are the colours of the rainbow. Now these people you have known all your life. Needless to say they include all relatives of you as well as all your friends and foes. They also include those who have died too. All these people can’t see you peeking in although you can see them. You can hear their conversations, watch their mannerisms, see their facial expressions, listen to their discussions, debates, arguments, their prejudices, their insults when they can’t get their way: in others words when the opposing views isn’t their own. That includes a variety of criticisms that makes the other person feel uneasy. In a full blown epic the person relates shame so as the other feels guilty: another will show jealousy that the other will feel envy: yet another or the same one or they are in cahoots will show ridicule repeatedly so another will take it to heart and feel shy: another will show fear while the other will be become apprehensive. Now as the row continues there is much more criticism as a results others will condemn: some will find hostility and will aim to fight: yet some will find pity and feel sorry for themselves as why they had been placed there. As the arguments simmers and soon ceases momentarily seems as if it was endless. There wouldn’t be any apologises because of the culprits pride. Some will compensate after this: others will find counterbalance. This has been a concoction in continuity, as all will now vanish into thin air.


October 1, 2012

After all these thoughts and blogs thinking sincerely about doing a book and compiling the segments. Getting a flashdrive and keeping them safe first. Speaking of books or scripts of any kind my son, Andre has written a screenplay called ” Squatters” which is ongoing. He has also written a book called “Perdition” which he has sent to an agent in New York. He has come to Madison from Seattle. I have not a recent picture in sight and don’t want any of them because I have something far greater than a picture. I have had the opportunity to actually know him that is far better than a picture, and worth more. There are things that are personal and will never be revealed in print. That is called loyalty and confidentially. Needless to say Andre is my hero. Let’s now go off the subject for the moment and concentrate on the  activities or the recent activities. Sold some book at half price books and got $22.00. That was fine b/c got a movie called”War Horse” so literally got the movie for free. Saw the movie ” Glengarry Glen Ross” Most interesting. Sold a turntable, some books, and a long white table to a friend who sells on amazon, ebay, and craigs list. Got $75.00 for the shabang. Was surprised. Have to mention, and indeed worth mentioning, that my sister Anne called after 20 years according to my sister Vivian. Really to say wasn’t counting. Today was her birthday and phone her to sing Happy Birthday to her. Now getting back to the topic. After Andre being in Seattle for a long 9 years at last I get to see him face to face and see what he is really like. Don’t and never will regret the time we have had.