After all these thoughts and blogs thinking sincerely about doing a book and compiling the segments. Getting a flashdrive and keeping them safe first. Speaking of books or scripts of any kind my son, Andre has written a screenplay called ” Squatters” which is ongoing. He has also written a book called “Perdition” which he has sent to an agent in New York. He has come to Madison from Seattle. I have not a recent picture in sight and don’t want any of them because I have something far greater than a picture. I have had the opportunity to actually know him that is far better than a picture, and worth more. There are things that are personal and will never be revealed in print. That is called loyalty and confidentially. Needless to say Andre is my hero. Let’s now go off the subject for the moment and concentrate on the  activities or the recent activities. Sold some book at half price books and got $22.00. That was fine b/c got a movie called”War Horse” so literally got the movie for free. Saw the movie ” Glengarry Glen Ross” Most interesting. Sold a turntable, some books, and a long white table to a friend who sells on amazon, ebay, and craigs list. Got $75.00 for the shabang. Was surprised. Have to mention, and indeed worth mentioning, that my sister Anne called after 20 years according to my sister Vivian. Really to say wasn’t counting. Today was her birthday and phone her to sing Happy Birthday to her. Now getting back to the topic. After Andre being in Seattle for a long 9 years at last I get to see him face to face and see what he is really like. Don’t and never will regret the time we have had.

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