The sun shining with the cool breezes upon the surface seems like everything is fine and in some respects it is. There was an article recently about freedom of speech, expression etc. Part of the article jumped out of the page and it went like this. In the US hate speech is presumably( now there is a word that gives the thought away, as if one presumes which is before one assumes it make an ass out of you and me) protected by the First Amendment. However hate crime laws often redefines hateful expression as a criminal act. Now is that contradicting? Or is it a doubled standard? Just asking is that ok? Let’s give a scenario. When someone is part of you and that someone goes through some rough times. You feel everything they are going through. You naturally don’t dwell on it and go about your life as calmly as possible. Of course you live your own life and never live through that someone, however their actions affect you even if you don’t want it too. As well as your actions affect that someone even if you try your best not to let it, it does anyway you just can’t help it. You wait while that someone waits and you both hope for the best.

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