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“This And That”

November 27, 2012

How creative, like a calming effect, maintaining daily life of this and that. The holidays are here with one gone and well remembered. Actually the best in a long time, with my son still here which made all the difference in the world. What more may someone deserve, with health continuing on an even keel. Dram Shop laws and the dram shop act depending on how a state views it. There are 38 states having it and 7 states which don’t. California banned it because it is really hard to prove. Looked it up online and without quoting the exact meaning. Those who are interested may educate themselves and find out if they choose. It will be the 4th case of books, along with movie discs, mainly tv programmes and some music discs too. Those items will be sold at half price. This short little diddy is coming to an end as all things do, short and sweet.


November 12, 2012

While others are in slumbers and perhaps dreaming of whatever suits them at the moment in time. One may call me a dreamer, maybe day dreaming in some way to have the world a better place for just a second. Let’s imagine adding beauty to this title, only in the shadows though. In the chaos, confusion of daily life in general: the utter devestation that was a result of Hurricane Sandy,(some may debate it could be global warming) of recent earthquakes, of complete disregard of a fellow human being. It is wonderful to recognise the beauty and dexterity. To just have quiet is so refreshing. To view a painting of significance, go to a nearby park adjacent to a lake, river, pond of some other form of water. How much beauty is there to view the clusters of colourful nature as far as the eye may see. Just listen to a variety of wonderful music as long or short duration, as long or soft. A favourite movie would be your cup of tea. The agility of tumblers, acrobatic perception, with exact precision without making an error, because if just a minute mistake could cost them dearly. Timing must be if not a second off. All the practice is the world would be for naught. These unique specimens devote their entire life not for the agility because that could never be self taught: it is self born. Not for the joy of performing although that could have a slight percentage of it. It is for the happiness. And millions upon millions: if not trillion if it is seen repeatedly. It can’t be a millimeter off. It is surely a tour de force.


November 11, 2012

Still enjoying the seasonable time while now November rain and cold is on its way. Just the normality of change. Can’t have it the same always. Diversity makes it interesting. Been condensing books, music, movies: items I can do without. Never liked clutter. Had some items and sold them along the a painting of the Last Supper too. Started out with four cases of books filled to the brim. Now have two.  Things are going well. Andre my son is still in Madison which is always nice. Half Price Books and Music is where I sold my items. If you think that is a plug you are correct. They are reasonable and will give you top dollar. My son Ian and family are in Jordan and are fine. Thanks to Facebook, a social media site I see daily things posted by them. Just finished a book called “Being Flynn” and saw the movie. The movie was far better than the book. Ended up selling the book. However Robert Deniro did a fine job acting. Would recommend it highly to anyone who asks. Have a couple of fine books yet to read by Dr. Michael Collins. One called ” Hot Lights Cold Steel” and Blue Collar Blue Scrubs” After I read them will give those to Andre. Already read ” Trauma” by Dr. James Cole. Have given that to Andre as well. So many books may inspire certain individuals. Certain people may do the same while not even being aware of it. Just be yourself and wonders will happen.